7 Tips To Fix Blink Sync Module Offline Issue

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One of the component devices that come with the Blink smart camera is the Blink Sync Module. How it works is that you plug it into a power outlet. The device relay commands and network details to devices synced to it.

One of the main functions of the Blink Sync Module is that it serves as a storage device. It has a USB port where you can plug your drive and store up to 256 GB of motion clips.

Also, the device enables the Blink camera to last longer as long as it’s available. The reason why you need to know the functionality of the Blink Sync Module is to help you understand the importance of the device to the Blink camera.

All Blink cameras need a good internet connection and the Blink Sync module to function. What then happens if your Blink Sync Module is showing offline?

This post takes you through why your Blink Sync Module is showing offline and ways to fix the issue. check this post on how to fix Blink subscription plan not working

Why Is My Blink Sync Module Offline?

If you see the Sync Module Offline error message on your Blink app, there is usually no need to panic because the issue will resolve itself in minutes. If after several minutes, your module device remains offline, that’s when you need to check to know the issue.

Below are some of the possible reasons why your Blink Sync Module is showing offline in the app.

a. Poor Network Signal

This is one of the possible reasons for the issue. If your wireless network signal is poor or there’s no network signal at all, it will after the functionality of your Sync Module device.

b. Not Receiving Power Supply:

Your Blink Sync device Module device needs to be plugged into the power source to function. If the device is showing offline, it could be that the device is not plugged in. Or the device is plugged in but not receiving power.

The power outlet may be bad or the device cable is bad. One way to know if your device is receiving power or not is to check the light on the device. If there is no light showing on the device, it means your device is not plugged into the power source.

c. Incorrect Frequency

Most router or wireless hotspot devices come with two network frequency options. That is the 2.4GHz and the 5.0GHz. The Blink camera supports the 2.4GHz frequency. So it could be that your router or wireless hotspot is set to 5.0GHz frequency.

7 Ways To Fix Blink Sync Module Offline

. Check Your Power Source

Check your device to know if the light is on. If the device is connected to the power supply and receiving power, you will see a solid blue and green light. If there’s no light, the device isn’t receiving power.

You can unplug and plug the device into another power outlet. Also, check the cable on the device to see if the cable is bent or if there’s a cut. If the cable is damaged, your option is to replace the cable.

. Check Your Network

Next, check your router or wireless hotspot device to confirm there’s a stable network. Check the signal bar on the device and make sure there are at least two signal bars available.

Also, check the connection, and make sure the Blink Sync device is connected to the wireless network using the correct password details. Finally, confirm that the device is not included in the list of blocked devices on your wireless hotspot device.

. Confirm Network Frequency

Go to the frequency settings on your router and make sure the frequency is set to 2.4GHz network frequency. Try connecting the device to the network after that.

. Power Cycle Your Device

Another tip is to perform a power cycle on your Blink device. A power cycle will clear cache and fix minor bugs and glitches affecting the functionality of your device.

To power cycle your Blink Sync Module device, simply unplug the device from the power source. Wait for 20 seconds and plug back the device into the power source. Allow the device to reboot and try connecting to the network again.

. Troubleshoot Your Device

Another option is to troubleshoot your device. This can be done via the Blink app. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

. Launch the Blink App on your Smartphone.

. Select ‘Sync Module Status’ and further tap the ‘Sync Module Settings’.

. Scroll and tap on ‘Help/Troubleshooting’.

. Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the troubleshooting process.

. Factory Reset Your Device

Note that this option was left as the last option because it’s not advisable to perform a factory reset on your device unless it’s necessary. Performing a factory reset on your device will wipe out some of the prior saved data.

This means that you have to complete the setup process again after the reset. Follow the steps below to perform a factory reset on your device:

. Find the reset button on your Sync Module device. The factory reset button can be found on the side of the device.

. Press and hold the factory reset button until the tiny LED light on your device flashes red.

. Wait for your device to reboot. You will know the reboot process is complete when you see the solid blue and green light on your device.

. Log into your Blink app and delete the Sync Module device from the app.

. Add the device to your app again. To add the Sync Module device to the app, launch the app> tap the + sign on the Home page.

. Select ‘Blink Wireless Camera System’ from the list of devices. Enter the serial number of your device.

. Tap ‘Discover Device’ > ‘Join’. Wait for your Blink Sync Module to reset and connect to your wireless network.

. Contact Blink Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the tips so far and nothing has worked, it’s time to contact Blink’s tech support team. The tech support team will help you sort out any technical issues with your device.

You can call the Blink support team at +1-781-332-5465 or via their Support Page.


The Blink Sync Module device is an essential component of the Blink Camera. So for the camera to function, the Module device has to be online always. This post has outlined some of the tips to help you fix Blink Sync Module offline issues.

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