Guide To Set Up DirecTV Payment Arrangement

If you know you won’t meet up with paying your current DirecTV bill before the due date, there are options available to you. First, you can apply for a payment extension if you qualify for it. Another option is to schedule a payment extension. It is also known as the ‘DirecTV Promise to Pay’. With … Read more

Logik TV Remote Not Working: Guide To Fix

Is your Logik TV remote not working? No need to panic just yet. There are steps you can take to fix the issue. But first, you have to figure out the problem with the remote to know the best option to fix it. In summary, if your Logik TV remote stops working, you can fix … Read more

BT TV Remote Not Working? Quick Guide To Fix

If your BT TV remote is not working and you need a quick fix for it, you are in the right place. This post is for you. To know how to fix the issue, you have to first understand possible reasons why the remote control isn’t working. There are several reasons why your BT TV … Read more

BT Remote Codes: How To Program BT Remote

One of the accessories that come with the BT TV and TV box is the remote control. The remote control comes programmed to the TV, so you don’t need to program the remote again. But in an instance where you have to factory reset your TV or TV box, you need to program the BT … Read more

Complete Guide To Fix Telstra TV Remote Not Working Issue

The Telstra TV remote is one of the accessories that come with the Telstra TV equipment kit. The remote comes preprogrammed to your TV box, so it should work once you insert a pair of batteries into the remote. If your Telstra TV remote isn’t working, it can be a result of three main issues: … Read more

Spectrum Guide Settings: Setup Spectrum Guide

The Spectrum TV stream got better since the introduction of the Spectrum Guide. The Spectrum Guide provides a comprehensive list of TV programs and information on channels showing on the streaming platform. For you to enjoy all the options the Spectrum Guide offers, you need to customize or program it to suit your needs. Thankfully, … Read more

Bush TV Remote Not Working? Get It Working In 60 Seconds

The Bush TV remote control comes preprogrammed to the TV. All you need to do is to insert two AAA batteries and start using the remote. If your Bush remote control stops, no need to panic yet. There are steps you can take to get your remote working In a nutshell, if your Bush TV … Read more

6 Quick Fixes For Bush TV Not Turning On

Dealing with a Bush TV that won’t turn on is annoying, to say the least. There is no reason to panic just yet if you are dealing with this issue. It could be something that you can fix at home with some troubleshooting. If your Bush TV won’t turn on it could be caused by … Read more

Monster Universal Remote Codes: Program Monster Remote

The Monster Universal remote doubles as a universal remote control. This means that you can use the same remote on several devices. That includes your Blu-Ray, TV, DVD play, SAT, and other devices. Before that, you have to program the remote to the device. You need the Monster remote codes to complete the process. This … Read more

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