CenturyLink Payment Arrangement: Complete Guide

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

As a CenturyLink customer, you have an obligation to pay your monthly bill. Failure to pay your monthly bill by the due date can lead to some consequences. For instance, you will be required to pay a late payment penalty fee of $5 to as high as $25.

Unfortunately, CenturyLink does not have a payment extension option for customers. So your option is to opt for the payment arrangement.

This post will explain how the CenturyLink payment arrangement works. Also, you will learn how to set up the payment arrangement, when to set up the arrangement, and other related information.

Understanding CenturyLink Payment Arrangement

The CenturyLink payment arrangement allows you to schedule your payment after the bill’s due date. Also, it allows you to split the payments into two installments, instead of a one-time payment.

Also, you get to choose the amount to pay for each installment. CenturyLink will automatically deduct the amount from your account on the scheduled date. Note that, any date you select must be within 30 days from the date you schedule.

Who Qualifies For CenturyLink Payment Arrangement?

Not all customers qualify for the CenturyLink payment arrangement. Your account has to qualify for you to be eligible for you. The main term to qualify for the payment arrangement is that the customer has always paid bills before the due date. 

How To Setup CenturyLink Payment Arrangements

There are three ways to set up payment arrangements on CenturyLink. You can set up the arrangement by contacting customer support or automated call, and online. Below is a breakdown of each process:

Setup CenturyLink Payment Arrangement Via Customer Support

How it works is, you contact the CenturyLink customer support department or the automated call system. Request to setup the payment arrangement for your account.

Visit the contact us page and scroll down to ‘Chat Now’. Start the chat with a customer support person and request for payment arrangement. You will have to verify your account, so have your account details handy.

Setup CenturyLink Payment Arrangement Online

If you don’t want to go through the hurdle of contacting the customer support department, you can set up the payment arrangement online. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

. Visit the CenturyLink payment arrangement page.

. Enter your ‘Phone Number/ Email/ Account Number’.

. Click the option below and enter your ‘Billing Zip Code’ and click on ‘Next’.

. If your account is eligible for a payment arrangement, you will see the payment arrangement options on the new page.

. Select your preferred payment arrangement option. (This option will not be available if you are not eligible for it).

. Enter the dates and amount to pay on each date.

. Select the payment option. CenturyLink will automatically deduct the amount from your account on the date, so you need to have a payment option that makes this seamless. You have the option to choose from ‘Credit Card’ or ‘Bank Account’.

. Follow the onscreen payment instructions to complete the setup process.

How To Split CenturyLink Payment Arrangements

The CenturyLink payment arrangement gives you three options to complete your payment. Below are the options, but most people prefer to go with the first option:

. Pay the total amount due in two installments within the next 30 days.

. Pay the total amount due in one installment within the next 30 days.

. If you have a ‘past due’ amount, you can pay just your past-due amount on or before the date shown.

How Much Does It Cost To Schedule CenturyLink Payment Arrangement

The CenturyLink payment arrangement is free. You only get to pay if you schedule to make your payment using a credit card. The fee is a flat $3.50 which is also cheaper than the late fee payment.


Setting up the payment arrangement is easy and saves you a lot of issues like the late payment fee. This post has outlined the process of setting it up either via the customer or online in your account.  

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