Cogeco Return Equipment: Complete Guide To Return Cogeco Equipment

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Cogeco offers internet, TV, and phone services to clients. The good thing about their service is that it comes as a bundle depending on your plan. For instance, the internet and TV services come as a bundle.

After the signup process, Cogeco ships out some equipment to your address. You set up the equipment yourself or Cogeco sends a technician to handle the setup process for you.

The thing about the Cogeco equipment kit is that the Company expects you to return the equipment when you cancel your service.

This post explains the Cogeco equipment return process. That includes the return process, equipment to return, and what happens when you fail to return Cogeco equipment.

How Does Cogeco Equipment Return Work?

What some people tend to forget is that Cogeco sends the equipment on lease. This means that you pay a little fee monthly to continue using the equipment. When your contract with Cogeco is up, you are to return the equipment.

The exception is if you paid for the equipment during the signup process. If you fail to return your Cogeco equipment kit, the Company considers it a breach of contract. That is a breach of contract for an equipment lease and such attracts a penalty.

When To Return Cogeco Equipment?

Cogeco expects you to return your equipment in any of the circumstances:

a. When You Cancel Your Subscription

If you are no longer interested in using Cogeco services, your best bet is to cancel your service or account. It is mandatory to return any Cogeco equipment in your possession after you cancel your subscription.

This does not apply when you are moving houses. You can move your Cogeco equipment to your new location, as long as there is a Cogeco network there.

b. When You Upgrade Your Plan

Cogeco has different plans and each plan has an equipment kit tailored to power its features. This means that, when you move to another plan, you need to upgrade your equipment.

After you upgrade to another plan, Cogeco expects you to return your current equipment kit. After that, the Company will ship out an equipment kit that suits your new plan to your address.

c. Product With Defect

Cogeco has a robust product return policy that allows you to return new products with defects. If you have a defect or damage in your new equipment kit, you are to return the product to Cogeco within 14 days. Cogeco will refund your purchase price or send you a new set of equipment.

Cogeco Equipment Return Process: Complete Steps

a. Contact Cogeco Customer Support

The first step is to contact Cogeco customer support to cancel your subscription. If you are returning a product with defects, you also need to contact customer support to lay complaints about the damaged product.

After canceling your account, the customer support person will send you a return label to your email. The return label is the sticky paper you need to return your equipment kit. You can still return your equipment without the return label.

b. Package The Equipment Kit

Do a factory reset to clear all data saved on the device. Unplug cords and cables, and gather all the accessories that came with the equipment kit.

Wrap the equipment and accessories with an old newspaper or in bubble wrap. Place them inside a shipping box. Newspaper or bubble wrap is necessary to add an extra layer of protection to the equipment during the shipping process.

c. Prepare Shipping Box

There are some things to put in place before you seal the shipping box. If you are returning a defective product, Cogeco will send you a prepaid return waybill. Print this and attach it to your shipping box.

If you cancel your service, Cogeco will send you a return label which you have to print and attach to your shipping box. You also have the option of printing out a return label from the Canada Post site. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

Print Return Label For Canada Post Site

. Visit the Canada Post site.

. Fill in your details. That includes your name and contact address.

. Select YES under the Does Your Item Weigh Less Than 65lbs (30 kg) option.

. Select your Email Notification option and click on Continue.

. Check and confirm the information and select Get Label.

. Print the Return Label and attach it to your shipping box.

 As mentioned earlier, you can complete the process without a return label.

Finally, check and ensure that your equipment kits are complete in the box. Print a copy of your last bill, include it in the shipping box, and seal the box.

d. Ship Equipment Back

The final step is to drop off the shipping box at any Canada post office store near your location. Use the Canada Post store locator to find a store near your location. Enter your Postal Code or Address and click on Find.

Take the shipping box to the store. If you don’t have a return label, you will be asked to provide a return code. For those shipping from Ontario, the return code is PR489756. While for those shipping from Quebec, the return code is PR341976.

You will be given a Canada Post tracking number. Please keep the tracking number safe. You will need to track the shipping.

What Equipment To Return To Cogeco?

You have to return all devices and accessories that Cogeco sent to you. Below is a breakdown of the equipment you need to return:

. HD Receiver

. TV Box

. Modem Gateway

. Internet Hub

. Cable Box

. Wi-Fi pods

. Cords and Cables

. Remote control and other accessories.

How Long To Return Cogeco Equipment?

You have 21 days from the day you canceled your service or account to return your equipment.

 If you are returning a product with a defect, you have 14 days from the date the product was shipped to you to return the product. You will be penalized if you don’t return your equipment within this period.

What Happens If I Don’t Return My Cogeco Equipment?

If you fail to return your Cogeco equipment kit after canceling your account, Cogeco will penalize your account. The penalty is usually an amount that equals the cost of the product.

The penalty is usually $125 to $400 for each product you failed to return. The specific amount will depend on the device or accessory you failed to return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Return Cogeco Equipment To Any Cogeco Store?

No. You can’t return Cogeco equipment to a store. You have to ship the equipment product back via the Canada Post office.

What Is My Cogeco Return Code?

For those shipping from Ontario, the return code is PR489756. While for those shipping from Quebec, the return code is PR341976.

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