Lorex Camera Offline? 7 Sure Tips To Fix It

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If your Lorex camera is showing offline and you have tried all possible ways to fix the issue. No worries. We got you. This post provides you with troubleshooting tips to help you fix your Lorex camera offline issue. At the end of this post, you should have your camera back online and work again.

In a nutshell, if your Lorex camera is offline, it could be because your camera battery is low. The Lorex camera battery is built to last for a long time. But at some point, the battery will run down and you need to charge the battery.

There are other reasons why your Lorex camera is showing offline, and they will be detailed as you continue reading. Also, you will find troubleshooting tips to fix the issues in the later part of the post. 

Why Is My Lorex Camera Offline?

As we mentioned earlier, there are several reasons why your Lorex camera is showing offline. Below is a breakdown of some of the possible reasons for that:

a. Low Camera Battery

One of the main advantages of the Lorex Security Camera is that it has long battery life. The camera is built to last for up to 8 months. But at some point, the battery will run down and this can affect the functionality of the camera.

If your Lorex camera is showing offline, the first thing to check is the battery life of the camera.

b. Camera Out Of Range

Another reason could be that your camera is out of range from your wireless network. Most routers with 2.4GHz bandwidth have a range of 150 feet or 46 meters. If your camera is outside this range, it may not connect to the wireless network effectively.

c. Wrong Bandwidth Selection

Most routers come with two bandwidth frequencies. That is the 2.4GHz and the 5.0GHz bandwidths. The Lorex camera on the other hand is compatible with just the 2.4GHz bandwidth. If your camera is connected to the 5.0GHz, it will show the camera as offline.

d. Issue With Your Wireless Network

It could be an issue with your wireless network. For instance, your router may be offline or on standby mode. It could be that your router requires a little troubleshooting to get it working.

We will provide tips on how to troubleshoot your router device and get it working in no time.

e. Minor Bug On Camera

A glitch or bug on your camera setup can also cause it to go offline. Thankfully, this can be fixed by performing a power cycling process on your device.

f. Outdated Camera Firmware

The firmware is the software that powers the hardware of your camera. The firmware is vital to your camera’s functionality. Lorex from time to time does release new firmware versions with better features and functionality.

Leaving your camera’s firmware not updated for a long period can affect the functionality of the camera. The latter part of this post provides a mini guide on how to update the firmware in your Lorex camera.

e. Temperature

Also, extreme weather conditions can affect your camera. For instance, if the weather is too cold during the winter months, it can cause your camera to stop working. Extreme heat can also damage your camera’s lens.

Not to worry. There are steps you can take to protect your camera from damage during extreme weather conditions.

Ways To Fix My Lorex Camera To Get It Working

a. Check For Battery Power

The first thing to check is your camera battery. The Lorex camera comes with rechargeable batteries. If you have not charged the battery in months, you need to check for the battery life. If the camera battery is signaling low, simply plug in the camera to charge.

To charge your Lorex Camera battery, Open The Power Port Cover> Plug In The Charging Adapter & Cable> Connect Camera’s Power Port To A Power Outlet.

b. Perform a Power Cycle

The power cycle process simply means restarting your camera to get it working again. This easy process helps to fix minor bugs and glitches on your device.

To perform a power cycle on your Lorex camera, press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds to turn off the camera. Wait for a few seconds and press the button again to turn on your camera.

c. Change The Location Of Your Camera

One of the disadvantages of the 2.4GHz bandwidth is that it has a really short range compared to the 5.0GHz bandwidth. You have to check if your camera is outside range and shift the camera to a new location. Most preferably, closer to your home network device.

d. Switch To 2.4GHz Bandwidth

Another tip you can try is to check the bandwidth frequency setting on your router. Ensure the bandwidth is set to 2.4GHz and not 5.0GHz.

If the bandwidth is set to 5.0GHz, disconnect all the devices connected to the network. Change to the 2.4GHz frequency and connect your camera again.

e. Power Cycle Your Router

If your camera is not connecting to your network or your router is on standby, you need to perform a power cycle process on your router.

To perform a power cycle on your router, simply unplug the router from your power outlet. Wait for 30 seconds and plug back the router.

For some home network devices, you have to press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds. Wait for 30 seconds after you switch off the device, and turn on the device again.

f. Update Firmware On Camera App

We mentioned earlier that it is essential to always update the firmware version on your Camera. Follow the process below to complete the process.

How To Update Firmware On Lorex Camera

. Open the Lorex Home App on your smartphone.

. Click on the Three Dots on the home page.

. Tap on Device Settings

Select Firmware. You will see the latest version of firmware besides the Latest Version option.

. Click on it to start the download and update process. If there is no recent version of firmware, the Latest Version column will remain empty.

g. Contact Lorex Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the steps here and none have worked so far, it’s time to contact the Lorex customer support team. Call the Lorex Customer support team at 1-888-425-6739.


So far, this post has outlined all the tips you need to fix the Lorex Camera offline issue. Also, we provided the Lorex customer support detail in the rare instance where your tips here didn’t help to fix your issue. 

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