Metropcs Trade-In Program: Ultimate Guide

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Metropcs like most networks have a trade-in program that allows you to trade in your old device. In exchange, the network credits your account. You can apply the credit towards buying a new phone.

In summary, to trade in your device on MetroPCS, you complete an online evaluation to get the estimated value of your device. After that, you return the phone to MetroPCS. The network credits your account with the trade-in value of the device.

Continue reading this to get all the information you need to complete the trade-in process. You will learn how to complete the online evaluation, and what type of device you can trade-in.

The final part of the post answers some of the Frequently Asked Questions most people may want to know about the trade-in process.

How Does Metropcs Trade-In Program Work?

As mentioned, the MetroPCS trade-in program allows you to return your old device. The credit from the old device can be used to purchase a new device.

Unlike most carriers, MetroPCS doesn’t have a partner Company that handles the trade-in program.

How the trade-in program works is that you complete an online evaluation to get an estimated trade-in value for your device. If you are OK with the estimated trade-in value, you proceed to return the device to MetroPCS for a final evaluation.

Metropcs Device Trade-in Requirements

Metropcs will only accept your device for trade-in if the device has some value. In other words, the device must meet some requirements to qualify for the program. Here are some requirements your device has to meet to qualify for the Metropcs trade-in program:

. The device must have at least a $1 value.

. The device must power on and off.

. All the parts of the device must be complete. A device with some missing parts like buttons is not eligible for the program.

. No liquid damage or discoloration on the device.

. No deep scratch or physical damage on the device. That includes cracks on the screen or glass.

Type Of Device You Can Trade-in On Metropcs

 The Metropcs site did not specify the type of device you can trade in. But from what I gathered from a Reddit trade where some people talked about their trade-in experience, you can trade in the following brands on Metropcs:

. OnePlus

. Samsung

. Apple

. LG

. Google Pixel

. Motorola


. Kyocera

. Alcatel

How To Find Trade-in Value Of Device On Spectrum Mobile?

You can find the ESTIMATE trade-in value of your device before you start the process. The estimated value will depend on the device brand and the condition of the device.

Note that, the final trade-in value of your device may differ from the estimated trade-in value. Follow the steps below to get the estimated trade-in value of your device:

. Visit the Online Appraisal Page On Metropcs site.

. Enter the device Carrier/ Device Manufacturer/ Device Model and click on Get Estimate.

. The estimated value of your device will pop up on the screen.

How To Prepare Your Device For Trade-in On Metropcs?

Before you return your device for trade-in, you have to prepare the device. Failure to prepare the device before trade-in can affect the trade-in value of the device.

Here is the checklist of things you must do to get your device ready for trade-in:

a. Back-up Essential Information

First, you have to back up all the important information you still want on your device. The information includes your photos, contacts, videos, audio, and doc files.

You can back up the file in an external drive or on a cloud-based storage service. For cloud-based storage, you may have to pay a subscription fee.

b. Delete Personal Information

The next step is to delete all personal information on the device. Log out from all platforms and delete your personal information from the accounts. That includes your iCloud or similar accounts.

Also, disable all tracking apps on the device. That includes tracking my phone or other related apps.

c. Perform Factory Reset

Finally, perform a factory reset to clear all data on the device. The steps to perform a factory reset will depend on the device in question. Follow the steps here to perform a factory reset on your Apple and Samsung phones.

How To Trade in A Device At Metropcs

To trade in a phone on Metropcs, you have to return the phone to any Metropcs store near you. Use the store locator map to find a store in your location.

When you get to the store, the store attendant will evaluate your device again. This evaluation is to make sure the device is in good working condition. After that, you will receive the final trade-in value for the device.

How To Receive Payments For Trade-in At Metropcs

As mentioned, Metropcs pays the trade-in value of your device as a credit to your Metropcs account. During the trade-in, you will fill in a form with your personal and MetroPCS account details.

The network will credit your account with the final trade-in value of your device. You can then use the credit as a payment or down payment for a new device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Trade-in Your Device On Metropcs From Another Network?

Unfortunately, you can’t trade in your device at Metropcs if you are with another carrier. The trade-in program is only available to new and existing MetroPCS customers.

Can You Trade In Device Accessories?

No. You don’t need to include the device accessories. Metropcs needs just the device.

Can You Use Metropcs Trade-in Credit To Pay Bill?

Unfortunately, No. You can’t use the trade-in credit to pay your bill. You can only use it to complete the payment for a new device.

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