Does Mint Mobile Work In Mexico? Yes. Complete Guide

Last Updated on October 9, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

If you want to know if you can use your Mint Mobile phone in Mexico, the answer is ‘Yes.

One of the services that Mint Mobile offers its customers is international roaming to designated countries. All thanks to its UpRoam service, you can use your Mint Mobile phone in Mexico.

How it works is that Mint Mobile has a network partnership with network providers in Mexico. They offer their service to Mint Mobile customers in Mexico via their network partnership.

This post takes you through all you need to know about using the Mint Mobile network in Mexico. That includes the cost and how to activate the roaming service.

What Is Mint Mobile UpRoam?

UpRoam is Mint Mobile’s roaming service that allows customers to use the network outside the United States. The good thing about the UpRoam service is that you don’t need to go through a complicated activation process. All you need is to load the UpRoam credit.

With the UpRoam service, you can make calls, send texts and use your mobile data in Mexico. When you use your Mint Mobile phone in Mexico, the cost is deducted from your UpRoam credits.

Also, the rates are quite affordable. You can credit your account with as little as $5 UpRoam credit.

Tips To Get Your Mint Mobile Phone Ready For Use In Mexico

These are some of the things you have to do while in the United States to get your Mint Mobile phone for you in Mexico.

1. Compare Rates

First, you have to compare the rates. The rate of using the local network in Mexico, and the rate of Mint Mobile roaming service. This will give you an idea of which option is cheaper and saves you money.

Thankfully, the UpRoam rates are affordable, especially in Mexico and Canada. I will discuss the UpRoam rates later in this post.

2. Activate Roaming

After that, you have to activate the roaming feature on your phone. Most phones have a roaming feature that allows you to continue using your network when outside the coverage area.

It is advisable to activate the roaming feature while you are still in the United States.

3. Purchase UpRoam Credits

The final thing to do is to purchase the UpRoam credits. You can purchase as little as $5 worth of credit. You can also top up your credit while in Mexico.

Activate Mint Mobile UpRoam

You don’t need any complicated process to activate the UpRoam service. All you have to do is purchase some UpRoam credits to activate the service.

I will guide you through how to purchase or top up UpRoam credit later in this post.

How To Purchase UpRoam Credits

The cost of making calls, sending texts, and mobile data will be deducted from your UpRoam credit. You can always top up your credit from anywhere. Follow the steps below to purchase UpRoam credit.

. Sign into your Mint Mobile account. You can do this on your Mint Mobile app or their site.

. Click on Uproam, and select the credit amount you want to top up.

Mint Mobile UpRoam Rates For Mexico

As mentioned earlier, UpRoam is quite affordable, especially in Canada and Mexico. Here is how much it costs to roam Mint Mobile in Mexico when compared to other locations:

Mint Mobile UpRoam Rates In Mexico

ServiceRate In MexicoRate In Other Locations
Outgoing/ Inbound Calls$0.02$0.25/Min
Outbound Text$0.02 Per SMS$0.05 Per SMS
Incoming TextsFreeFree
Mobile Data Roaming$0.06/MB$0.20/MB


Check UpRoam Balance In Mexico

You can check your UpRoam credit balance from anywhere to know when to top up your credit. To check your credit balance, text ROAM to 6700 from your Mint Mobile number. You will receive an SMS about your available balance.

Activate Roaming Feature On Your Phone

We mentioned earlier that you need to activate the voice and data roaming feature on your phone to enable you to use it outside the Mint Mobile coverage area.

When you activate the feature, your phone can easily connect to Mint Mobile’s partner network while in Mexico to enable you to continue using your Mint Mobile phone.

The process of activating roaming on your phone depends on the device. Follow the steps to activate it on iPhone and Android (Samsung).

Activate Roam On Android (Samsung)

. Turn off your Mobile data

. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon on your phone, and scroll down to ‘Connections’.

. Tap on Mobile Networks.

. Toggle on the Data Roaming option.

Activate Roam On iPhone

. Turn off your Mobile data

. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon on your phone, and scroll down to ‘Mobile Data’.

. Select ‘Cellular Data’.

. Toggle on the Data Roaming option.

Is Mint Mobile Roaming In Mexico Worth It?

To decide if the Mint Mobile roaming is worth it, you have to consider a couple of factors. For instance, if you are going to stay in Mexico for a long time, six months and above, it is advisable to subscribe to any of the local networks.

Also, you can reduce your data cost by opting for free Wi-Fi. Mexico has several locations that offer free Wi-Fi.

In all, if you are a moderate user and don’t have the need to make calls daily, Mint Mobile roaming is the option for you.

In Summary

This post has explained all you need to know about using the Mint Mobile phone in Mexico. You will learn how to activate the roaming service, the cost, and other things you need to know

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