Mint Mobile Number Transfer Not Working? Quick Tips To Fix

Last Updated on October 9, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Having issues with the Mint Mobile number transfer process, no need to worry just yet. It could be a result of incorrect details, device compatibility issues, and any other minor issues that can be fixed.

You can fix the issue by checking your details, checking your device compatibility, and making sure your number is active through the process.

Continue reading to learn why your Mint Mobile number transfer is not working and tips to fix the issue in no time.

Why Is My Mint Mobile Number Transfer Not Working?

a. Transfer In Progress

It could be that your number transfer is in process. After you submit your details, Mint Mobile needs time to verify your details and contact your previous carrier. It takes up to 48 hours to complete a number transfer and up to 5 days to complete a landline transfer.

b. Incorrect Information

Another reason your number transfer is not working may be that the information you submitted is incorrect. To complete the number transfer process from another carrier, you need to submit some essential details to Mint Mobile.

The details include Username, account number, account PIN or Port PIN, service address, and Telephone number. If there is any error in any of this information, Mint Mobile won’t complete the transfer process.

c. Deactivated Number

You can transfer your number to Mint Mobile if the number is inactive, or has been transferred to a new customer. The same applies if you have canceled your service with your previous carrier.

d. Device Compatibility Issue

Mint Mobile has a device compatibility requirement. Your device must meet this requirement for it to work with a Mint Mobile SIM card. If it doesn’t meet this requirement, you can’t activate your number after the transfer process.

e. Other Reasons

There are other reasons why your number transfer process is not working. First, it could be that Mint Mobile does not have an interconnection agreement with your previous carrier.

Also, you can’t port a Pager number to Mint Mobile. This is because the number belongs to the paging company.

Tips To Fix The Mint Mobile Number Transfer Not Working Issue

Here are some of the tips to apply to fix the number transfer error issue:

a. Confirm Number Eligibility

Before you initiate a number transfer process, you need to first contact Mint Mobile. You contact Mint Mobile to confirm your number is eligible for a transfer to their network.

There are several reasons why your number may not be eligible for transfer to Mint Mobile. So, you need to confirm that your number is eligible for a transfer. You can also check the number eligibility here.

Scroll down to the Check If Your Number Is Eligible session. Select your current carrier and enter your phone number. You will see if your phone number is eligible to be transferred to the Mint Mobile network or not.

b. Wait It Out

As mentioned earlier, the Mint Mobile transfer process takes two days to five days. If you are sure the information you submitted is correct and you have completed other aspects of the transfer, you have to wait it out.

If after 48 hours, the transfer process is still not complete, you can proceed to try any of the tips below.

c. Cross-check Your Information

How the number transfer process works is that you submit details from your previous carrier to Mint Mobile. Mint Mobile will contact the carrier to initiate the number transfer process.

Your previous carrier won’t approve your number process request if any of your details are incorrect. The essential information needed is the account number and PIN.

Go cross-check the information you sent Mint Mobile for the number transfer to make sure they are accurate. This information is essential to complete the number transfer process.

d. Keep Your Service Active

Ensure your service with your previous carrier remains active until the number transfer process is complete. As mentioned earlier, Mint Mobile can’t continue with the number transfer process if you deactivate your service with your carrier.

Contact your previous carrier to reactivate your service if it has been deactivated. Note that you may pay a reactivation fee for the process. Your carrier will automatically cancel your service after your number transfer to Mint Mobile is successful.  

e. Reactivate Your Number

The same thing applies to your phone number. Any number you are porting to Mint mobile must be active. Contact your carrier to reactivate your number if it’s no longer active.

There is nothing much you can do if the number has been assigned to another customer.

f. Check Device Compatibility

To confirm your device is compatible with Mint Mobile, go to the BYOP page. Enter your Phone Brand and Model or Device IMEI. Click on Check Phone to see if your phone is compatible.

g. Contact Mint Mobile

If none of the tips have worked so far, it is time to reach out to Mint Mobile customer support. The customer support person will help you with additional details to sort out your number transfer issue. Contact the Mint Mobile porting department at 877-789-3106.


As long as your number is eligible and your details are correct, the number process to Mint Mobile is easy. If you have any other issues with your number transfer process, this post has outlined some tips to try. If you still can’t resolve the issue, the post has the Mint Mobile porting department contact to reach out for additional support.  

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