Mint Mobile Port Out: Complete Guide

Last Updated on October 9, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Do you know that it is quite easy to port out your number from Mint Mobile to another network? The best part is that the entire process can be completed on the same day and it’s entirely free.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) makes it possible for customers to port out a number from their current carrier to any network in the country.

To port out your number from Mint Mobile, find the necessary account detail, which is your account number and PIN. Contact a new carrier, and submit the Mint Mobile account details. Wait for the new carrier to complete the transfer process.

This post will guide you on how to port your number from Mint Mobile to any other carrier. Also, you will learn other details like the information you need from Mint Mobile to port your number. 

What To Do Before You Start Mint Mobile Port Out Process

There are some things to consider and have in place before starting the port-out process. These may seem not necessary but they are essential to make your port out process seamless.

a. New Carrier Choice

You have your reason for leaving the Mint Mobile network. The network may not have met your particular call or internet need or any other reason. You need to find a new carrier that meets these needs.

When making your choice of a new carrier, you find one that has strong network coverage in your location and is affordable. There are many options to choose from, both MVNOs and Telecoms.

b. Confirm Transfer Eligibility

The next thing is to confirm that you can transfer your number to the network. The process is known as the number transfer eligibility check.

Your number may not be eligible for transfer to the network. That is why it is advisable to complete this check before you commence the transfer process.

 Simply contact the porting department of the new network and request to carry out a number transfer eligibility check. This process is free.

c. Keep Service And Number Active

Some customers think that since they are leaving the network, they can cancel their service before or during the transfer process. Don’t make the mistake of canceling your service on Mint Mobile before or during the number transfer process.

Make sure the account remains active until the transfer process is complete. If your service has been suspended for any reason, contact Mint Mobile customer support to reactivate your account.

Also, the number you want to transfer should be active and assigned to you. You can’t transfer a number that has been assigned to another customer.

Account Details You Need To Complete Mint Mobile Number Port Out

We mentioned earlier that there are some details you need to complete the Mint Mobile number transfer process. You submit these details to the porting department of the new carrier to complete the port-out process. These are the details below:

a. Mint Mobile Account Number:

The Mint Mobile account number is different from your phone number. It is the account number that is unique to your account. Check this post on how to find your account number in minutes.

b. Mint Mobile Transfer PIN

The transfer PIN is the same as your account’s security PIN. This is the PIN you enter when you make major changes to your account. Check this post on how to find your transfer PIN.

c. Account Name and Billing Address

In addition to the details above, most carriers will want you to submit the account number and billing address. Simply sign into your Mint Mobile online account to find these details on your account page.

How To Port Out Number From Mint Mobile

This is when you start the actual port-out process. Here is a breakdown of the entire process:

a. Contact New Carrier’s Porting Department

The first step is to contact the new carrier’s customer support or porting department. You can either contact the customer support department via call or online chat. Another option is to visit the carrier’s store location near you.

b. Request To Port In Your Number To Their Network

Place a port-in request. The support person will request your Mint Mobile account details and the number you want to port out. Also, if you didn’t carry out a number transfer eligibility check, the customer support person will carry out the check at this point.

c. Wait For The Port Process

Next, the support person will call the Mint Mobile porting department to release your number and complete the transfer process.

From the steps here, you can see that your role is to contact the new carrier and submit your details. The carrier handles every other step involved in the number transfer process.

How Long Does It Take To Port Out Number From Mint Mobile?

It takes a couple of hours to 48 hours to port out your number from Mint Mobile to another network. Note that the process may take up to 7 days if it involves porting a landline.

How Much Does It Cost To Port Number From Mint Mobile?

The number port out process is free. Mint Mobile won’t charge you to port out your number from their network. The only fee you have to pay is any outstanding bill you have before you transfer your number from the network.

In that instance, Mint Mobile will send you a final bill even after you’ve transferred your number from the network.


Have you completed the Mint Mobile port out process before? What was your experience like? You can share in the comments section if there are additional tips that helped with your transfer process.

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