Mint Mobile Recovery Fee: Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated on October 9, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

When Mint Mobile sends you a bill, you can see the breakdown of the charges included in the bill. One distinct cost you will see in your bill is the recovery fee.

If, like this customer here, you want to know what the Mint Mobile recovery fee is, this post is for you.

In summary, Mint Mobile charges you a recovery fee to cover the cost of complying with government regulations and other similar costs.

Continue reading to understand more about the recovery fee, how much is the fee, and other details.

What Is Mint Mobile Recovery Fee?

According to the information on the Mint Mobile site, the recovery fee is the cost the network charges to cover the cost of complying with government regulations. It is also known as the Regulatory Charge.

 In a bid to meet up with government regulations, Mint Mobile pays some fees in form of excise and taxes to the government. The network recovers this cost from customers as a recovery fee.

The Mint Mobile recovery fee covers the following costs:

. Federal Universal Service Fund Program.

. State and Federal Telecommunications Relay Service Programs.

. International, Federal, State, Municipal, and Local Telecommunications taxes.

. Costs Mint Mobile incurs when complying with government programs and regulations.

Note that this does not include mandatory federal, state, or local government taxes and fees. Check the Mint Mobile terms and conditions page for more information on the recovery fee.

How Much Is Mint Mobile Recovery Fee?

Some network carriers charge the recovery fee on a percentage basis. But Mint Mobile charges theirs at a flat rate. Each service plan has a flat rate charge for the recovery fee.

So, the amount you pay as a recovery fee is based on your current plan. Here is a breakdown of the Mint Mobile Recovery fee for all service plans:

Mint Mobile Recovery Fee Breakdown

Mint Mobile PlanRecovery Fee
12 Month Unlimited$16.25
12 Month 15GB$14.75
12 Month 10GB$14.50
12 Month 4GB$14.00
6 Month Unlimited$8.75
6 Month 15GB$8.00
6 Month 10GB$7.75
6 Month 4GB$7.50
3 Month unlimited$5.50
3 Month 15GB$5.00
3 Month 10GB$4.75
3 Month 4GB$4.50
1 Month 10GB$2.00
1 Month 4GB$1.50


Is It Legal For Mint Mobile To Charge Recovery Fees?

Yes. The Mint Mobile recovery fee is legal since the fee goes into the extra cost of meeting government regulations. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made provision for recovery fees for network carriers.

According to the information on the FCC site, the recovery fee goes to cover the network providers’ administrative costs and other costs associated with complying with FCC regulatory fees and programs.

Can Mint Mobile Waive My Recovery Fee?

Unfortunately, the Mint Mobile recovery fee can’t be waived. It is an essential cost that comes with your bills. The cost goes into covering the network’s extra admin costs and other government regulatory fees.

On the other hand, if you notice that the recovery fee in your bill is higher than the normal flat rate, you can contact Mint Mobile customer support to negotiate the bill.

How To Pay Mint Mobile Recovery Fee?

The recovery fee is added to your normal bill. So you pay the fee the same way you pay your monthly bill. You can pay the fee on your Mint Mobile app, Mint Mobile site, or via the auto-pay option. Follow the tutorials on this post to pay your Mint Mobile bill including the recovery fee.


In summary, this post has covered all you need to know about the Mint Mobile recovery fee. That includes the amount, and how to pay the fee. If you still have doubts, the recovery fee is legal and FCC provides for it. 

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