Steps To Reactivate Tracfone Line/ Phone

Last Updated on February 4, 2024 by Ron D. Morgan

Tracfone network can deactivate a line if the line remains inactive for a long time. In some instances, it is the customer who may request for Tracfone to temporarily deactivate their line. Thankfully, you can reactivate your line anytime you want.

If Tracfone deactivated your line for being inactive, most times, you can reactivate the line by using the line. Make a call, send a text, or add airtime to the line.

If your line was deactivated for some other reason or you requested for the line to be deactivated, you have to take steps to reactivate the line.

There are several options available to reactivate a Tracfone line or number. First, you can reactivate your number by visiting a Tracfone store in your location.

The other options are to either complete the process online yourself or contact customer support.

This post explains these options in detail. At the end of this post, you should have your old Tracfone line active again.

How To Reactivate Tracfone Line Offline

You can reactivate your Tracfone line offline by visiting a Tracfone store in your location and requesting to reactivate your line. Remember to take your Tracfone phone and SIM card pack with you.

To find a store in your location, visit the Tracfone store locator map. Enter your Zip code or location to find stores in your area.

In the unlikely instance where there are no stores in your location, follow either of the other options below to complete the process.

How To Reactivate Tracfone Line Via Customer Support Help

Another option is to contact the Tracfone customer support line and request to reactivate a line. Contact support at 1-800-867-7183.

The Customer support person will require you to provide your Tracfone account number and PIN to verify your account. After verifying your account, the support person will complete the reactivation process for you.

Turn on your phone after that, and try dialing a number. If the call connects, it means that the line has been reactivated.

How To Reactivate Tracfone Online

Finally, you can complete the entire process yourself online. For this, you need an internet connection to access your online account. Also, you will need your Tracfone account login details for the process. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

Visit the Tracfone Account Page.

Enter your account details to sign into your account.

Click on Manage Lines to see the list of inactive lines in your account.

Click on the inactive line you wish to activate.

Select Activate

Restart your Tracfone phone and try calling a number.

What Happens If Tracfone Deactivates A Line?

Once the network deactivates your line, you can’t make or receive calls from the line. Also, you can’t receive texts on the line; neither can you use the mobile data.

In addition, you can’t transfer or port the number to a new network until you reactivate the account and keep it active

Guide To Avoid Deactivating Tracfone Line

To prevent Tracfone from deactivating your line again, you have to keep your line active. Ensure you use the line for calls or send a text, or even use the mobile data at least once in six months. Even if you don’t use the line for calls, recharging the account can still keep it active.

How Long Before Tracfone Deactivates A Line

The network will deactivate your line if it remains inactive for six months or if you fail to recharge the account in twelve months.

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