How To Fix ‘Roku Activation Issues’

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The first step you have to take once you receive your new Roku device is to activate your Roku. The activation process includes creating an account and linking the account to complete the activation process.

Without activating your Roku account, you can’t enjoy the Roku streaming platform and other services Roku offers. If you are trying to activate your Roku and you are experiencing some activation issues, you are not alone.

Some people have complained that they are not receiving their Roku activation email. Others are experiencing their Roku activation link not working. Whichever one is your issue, this post is here to help.

In this post, you will understand why you are having activation issues with your Roku and possible ways to fix the issue.

Why Am I Having Issues With Activating My Roku?

There are several reasons why you are experiencing Roku activation issues. But these are some of the common reasons why you are having issues with activating your Roku.

a. Device Not Connected To The Internet

The issue may be that your Roku device is not connected to the internet. Your device needs to be connected to the internet via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi wireless network before you start the activation process.

b. Poor Network Signal

Also, it could be that your Roku device is connected to the internet, but the network signal is poor. You need an internet download speed of at least 1.5Mbps for SD content and 3.0Mbps for HD content.

If your internet signal is not stable, you need to troubleshoot your router or contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for solutions.

c. Error In The Activation Process

Another issue could be that you didn’t follow the proper activation process or the activation didn’t go through. Your solution in this instance is to repeat the activation process. Don’t worry, there’s a guide on how to activate your Roku in this post.

d. Incorrect Email Address

Part of the activation process is to click on the Roku activation link which will be sent to your email address. If the email address you entered during the activation process is incorrect, it will affect the activation process.

e. Issue With The Roku Device

Finally, the issue may be from your Roku device. It could be that the Roku device you have is damaged. If your product is within the warranty period, contact Roku or your seller and file a warranty claim. Roku will undertake to either repair the device or ship a new one for you.

Ways To Fix Roku Activation Issues

a. Check Internet Connection

First, check and confirm that your Roku device is connected to the internet. To confirm if your Roku device is connected to the internet, follow this process.

  • Press the‘ Home’ button on your remote control
  • Scroll down to ‘Settings’ > Click on ‘Network’
  • Select ‘Check Connection>.
  • If your device is not connected to a network, you will see the option to ‘Set Up Connection’.

If your device is connected to your network, skip the remaining part of this step and check the other tips. On the other hand, if you’ve confirmed that your Roku device is not connected to a network, follow the steps below.

How To Connect Roku To Internet Network:

. If you are using an Ethernet cable, plug in your cable. If it’s a wireless network, turn on your Router. Note your Wireless Network Name (SSID) and Network Password.

. Plugin your Roku device.

. Hold your Roku remote close to your device and press the ‘Home Button’.

. Scroll down to ‘Network’ and click on ‘Set UP Connection’.

. If you are connecting to an Ethernet cable, select ‘Wired’. Select ‘Wireless’ if you are connecting.

. When you select ‘Wired’, Roku will connect to your network automatically.

. If you select ‘Wireless’, the Roku device will search for available wireless networks, select your Wireless Network Name. Enter your Network Password. Select ‘Connect’ to complete the process.

b. Check Network Signal Strength

After you have connected your Roku device to your network, you have to check your network signal strength. If the signal is not stable, it will affect the activation process. Follow the steps to check the network strength on your Roku device.

. Press the ‘Home Button’ on your Roku remote.

. Scroll down to ‘Settings’ ‘Network’ ‘About’

. You will find details like the Signal strength and Internet download speed. The ‘Signal Strength’ should show ‘Excellent’.

If the signal strength is showing poor, you have to troubleshoot your router. Disconnect the device from the network, and turn off your router. Wait for 30 seconds, turn on the router and connect your device to the network.

Also, if your Roku device is connected to a 5.0GHz network frequency, the activation process won’t go through. You have to change the Network Frequency on your wireless network to 2.4 GHz.  

c. Repeat The Activation Process

Another way to resolve this activation issue is to repeat the activation process from scratch. Follow the steps below to activate your Roku Device.

How To Activate Your New Roku Device

. Follow the steps above to connect your Roku Device to your Home Network.  

. Enter your ‘Email Address’. If you are creating a new Roku account, you will be prompted to enter your payment details. If you have a Roku account, log in to your Roku account.

. A Roku activation link will be sent to your email address.

. Access your email on your Personal Computer or Smartphone and click on the activation link. Check your spam folder if you can’t find the email in your inbox.

. The activation link will redirect you to the Roku site. Follow the onscreen instruction to complete your setup process and log in to your Roku account.

. You will see the ‘SetUp Complete’ shortly after you complete the activation process.

How To Solve Not Getting Roku Activation Email Issue

After you enter your email address, Roku will send you an email containing your activation link. If you have entered your email and you’ve not received the message, follow the tips below to resolve the issue.

. Check The Email You Entered: The first option is to check the email address you entered to ensure it’s the correct email. If your email address comes with special characters, make sure you enter the characters the same way they appear.

. Hold On: Sometimes, it takes a little while longer for the Roku activation email to drop. Hold on for five minutes or so for the email to drop.

. Search Spam Email: It could be that the email has dropped but to your Spam folder instead of your inbox folder. Search your email’s spam folder to see if the email dropped there instead.

Roku Activation Link Not Working

If you have received the activation email, but the activation link is not working, this is how to fix it. Press the ‘Star Button’ on your Roku remote> Choose ‘Edit Email’> Enter your email address again or enter a new email address. Check for the activation link and click the link again.

Roku Activation Link Expired

The activation link sent to your email address is valid for just 30 minutes. If you don’t click the link and complete the activation process within 30 minutes, the link will expire. If your activation link has expired, simply select ‘Resend’ on your device to send a new link.

Frequently Asked Questions

. How Do I Bypass Roku Activation?

Unfortunately, you can’t bypass the Roku activation process. You are mandated to activate your Roku device to enable you to access the streaming platform.

. How Long Does It Take For Roku To Activate?

The Roku activation process is easy and straight to the point. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the entire activation process. Starting from connecting your Roku device to your network, to other steps.

. Why Is My Roku Not Activating?

Several issues can affect your Roku activation process. It could be a network issue, an issue with your email address, and similar issues. This post has provided tips to solve the Roku activation problems. 

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