Spectrum Mobile Change Number: Quick Guide

Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Ron D. Morgan

As a Spectrum Mobile customer, you can change your phone number without buying a new SIM Card. You can request for a new number from the network.

This applies to you if you want to change your current number for any reason. For instance, you are getting those annoying unsolicited calls.

In a nutshell, to change your current number, contact Spectrum Mobile customer support. Preferably on call and request for a new phone number.

Continue reading this post to learn the entire process involved in changing your number. You will learn the cost, if any, and other options available during the process.

Getting Ready To Change Your Spectrum Mobile

There are some things you need to ensure that your number change request gets approved. They include the following:

a. Active Spectrum Mobile Account

For Spectrum Mobile to approve a request to change the phone number, the account linked to the number must be active. The network won’t process a request from an account that is inactive or suspended.

If for any reason, your Spectrum Mobile is not active, contact support to reactivate your account. Note that you may have to pay a reactivation or late payment fee if the account was disconnected because of late bill payment.

b. Personal Number

According to the information on the network’s site, Spectrum Mobile will only approve a number change request from the primary account holder. That means that the number must be assigned to you. The network won’t approve a request to change a number assigned to another customer.

Guide To Change Spectrum Mobile Phone Number

Below is a step-to-step guide on how to place a request to change your current Spectrum Mobile phone number:

a. Contact Spectrum Mobile Customer Support

The first step is to contact Spectrum Mobile customer support. For a fast result, it is best to call the customer support number at 833-224-6603 from your Spectrum Mobile number.  Once you get connected to a support person, request to change your current phone number.

b. Verify Account

The next step is to verify your account. This is to ensure that you are the primary account holder. The support person will ask some questions to verify your account.

You may receive an SMS code to your current Spectrum Mobile number. Read the code to the support person to verify your account.

c. Hold On

After the account verification process, the customer support person will approve and process your number change request. When the process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email or SMS.

Can You Choose A New Number?

Unfortunately, Spectrum Mobile doesn’t allow you to choose a particular number. You provide your area code and the network will select a new number for you within your area code.

How Long Does It Take To Change Spectrum Mobile Phone Number?

The entire process can be completed in 30 minutes. Within 30 minutes of completing your call, you should receive a confirmation email that your new number is ready.

How Much Does Spectrum Mobile Number Change Cost?

It costs $0 to change your phone number on Spectrum Mobile. Spectrum Mobile will process your number change request for free once every 12 months. Any other similar request within this period will attract a small fee.

What Happens After You Change Your Current Spectrum Mobile Number?

Once the process is complete, your current number will cease to be active. Any call to the old number won’t go through. So, you will have to share the new number with friends and family or anybody you want to reach you.

Another thing that will happen is that you will lose your previously saved voicemails. So, before you apply to change your number, go through your current voicemail and take note of important details.

Finally, you have to set up a new voicemail welcome message before the old one will no longer work on the new line.

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