Straight Talk Transfer Wizard: Transfer Files To Straight Talk Phone

Last Updated on October 11, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

After you transfer your Straight Talk service to a new phone, you may need to transfer files from the old phone to the new one.

There are several file transfer options available, some free and others premium. One of the free options available is the Straight Talk transfer wizard.

Straight Talk Transfer Wizard is a file transfer tool that allows you to transfer files from one mobile device to another. The good thing about the app is that it is easy to use and free.

Continue reading to learn the process of transferring files to another straight Talk phone using the transfer wizard.

How Does Straight Talk Transfer Wizard Work?

The Straight Talk transfer wizard is an app that allows you to transfer contacts and files from one Straight Talk phone to another. The transfer wizard transfers your files directly via a wireless network.

It doesn’t save copies of your files on the cloud or any other platform like other transfer tools. Also, the transfer wizard transfers files and does not move files from the old phone to a new phone. This means that after the transfer, copies of your files will remain in your old phone.

Another good thing about the Straight Talk transfer wizard is that it works very fast. You can transfer thousands of pictures, videos, and contacts in minutes.

What Type Of File Can You Transfer With A Straight Talk Transfer Wizard?

Unfortunately, it’s not every type of file or data that you can transfer with the Transfer Wizard. For instance, you can’t transfer apps from one phone to another using the Transfer Wizard.

Also, the type of files you can transfer depends on the device. Below are the types of files you can transfer via the Straight Talk Transfer Wizard.

Files To Transfer On Android Phone

. Contact Photos

. Contacts

. Call Logs

. Documents

. MMS Messages

. Music

. Pictures/ Photos

. SMS Messages

. Videos

Files To Transfer On Apple Phone

. Contacts

. Contact Photos

. Photos/ Pictures

. Videos

How To Transfer Data With a Straight Talk Wizard?

Below is a breakdown of the process of transferring files from one Straight Phone to another using the transfer wizard:

a. Download App From App Store

First, visit the app store on your phone and download the Transfer Wizard app from the app store. If you are using an android phone, download the app from the Play store.

For Apple phone users, visit the IOS app store and download the Transfer wizard app. Note: Download the app on both the sending and receiving phones.

b. Connect Both Phones To Wi-Fi Network

The next step is to connect both smartphones to a wireless network. Ensure that you connect the devices to the same wireless network.

c. Start Transfer Process

Launch the Transfer Wizard app on the sending phone, and tap on From This Phone. You will see a QR Code on the screen. Then launch the Transfer Wizard app on the receiving phone. Select To This Phone.

Then hold the receiving phone over the sending phone. Hold the phones in a way that the receiving phone camera will scan the QR code on the sending phone.

You will see an option on available files to transfer on the receiving phone. Tap on all the files you want to transfer. Press the Transfer Button on the receiving phone to commence the transfer process.

Wait for some minutes for the transfer process to complete. Check the receiving phone to confirm that all your files have been transferred. You can delete the files from the sending phone after the transfer process.

Straight Talk Transfer Wizard Not Working

If you are having issues with the transfer Wizard app, below are some of the tips you can try to fix the issue.

. Check the wireless network to make sure the network signal is strong.

. Ensure both phones are connected to the same wireless network.

. If the issue continues, disconnect both phones from the wireless network. Restart the router, wait for 30 seconds, connect the devices, and try the process again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Straight Talk Transfer Wizard Transfer Between Apple And Android?

Yes. You can transfer files from Apple to Android via the transfer wizard. Also, you can transfer from Apple to Apple phones and Android to Android phones.

Straight Talk Transfer Wizard App Not Found?

If the transfer wizard app is not found, it means there is a glitch in the app. Uninstall the version of the app you have on your phone.

Download a new version. Connect to the same network with the other phone and try the transfer process again.

Can I Use Straight Talk Wizard To Transfer My Iphone To My Tablet

Yes. You can use Transfer Wizard to transfer files from iPhone to Ipad. Follow the steps in this post to control the process.

Can I Transfer Apps Via Straight Talk Transfer Wizard?

No, you can’t transfer apps via the Transfer wizard. You can only transfer files like pictures, music, contacts, videos, and similar files via the transfer wizard.


Transferring files from one Straight Talk phone to another has never been this easy. All you need to complete the process is a wireless network, and you can transfer thousands of files in minutes.

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