Easy Tips To Fix TalkTalk Router Flashing Orange Issue

Last Updated on October 27, 2022 by Ron D. Morgan

If your TalkTalk router stops working, the first thing to check is the router light. The lights on the TalkTalk indicate the status of the device.

If the light on your TalkTalk router is flashing orange or amber light, this post is for you. If the light on a TalkTalk router is flashing orange, it is an indication that the device is trying to establish a connection with the network.

Most times, the device should establish a connection within a couple of minutes, and change color. But if it continues to flash an orange light after 5 minutes, it means there is an issue with the router.

This post will guide you on easy tips to fix the orange light issue and get your router working in no time. Before then, let’s check out what the different orange/ amber light on the TalkTalk light indicates.

What Does The Orange/Amber Light On TalkTalk Router Indicate?

The orange/amber light on the TalkTalk router is an indication of the device status. The status depends on if the amber/orange light is stable or flashing/ blinking.

Below is the breakdown meaning of the different amber/orange light statuses on a TalkTalk router.

a. Blinking Orange/ Amber Light

If the orange/amber light on a TalkTalk router is flashing or blinking, it means that the Wi-Fi hub is in setup mode. This means that the device is starting up. This happens after you turn on the router.

b.Blinking Orange/ Amber and White Light:

TalkTalk router blinking or flashing orange and white light means that the router is connecting to the internet.

c. Solid Orange/Amber Light:

Finally, if the TalkTalk router is showing a solid orange or amber light, it means that the router is trying to establish a connection. This is normal and takes a couple of minutes to complete the process.

But if after 10 minutes, the router is still showing a solid orange color, it means something is wrong.

Tips To Fix TalkTalk Router Flashing Orange Light

1. Wait A Bit

As mentioned earlier, it takes a bit of time for the TalkTalk router to establish a connection. So, you may have to wait a few minutes to allow the device to establish a connection, especially if you just restarted your routers.

If the orange colour continues to show after 10 minutes, follow the steps below to trouble the router.

2. Restart TalkTalk Router

Most times, restarting your router is all you need to fix any glitch on the device. When you restart your router, what you are doing is performing a power cycle process on the device. This simple process clears cache and fixes minor glitches on the device and gets the device working.

Simply turn off the router. Then unplug the cable from the power socket. Wait for 60 seconds and plug it back into the power source. Wait for the router to reboot and try connecting to the network.

3. Check Network Status

Another option is to check if the issue is a general network problem. It could be that there is a network outage in your location due to maintenance or other technical issues.

You can use a third-party site like Down Detector to check if TalkTalk is experiencing a general network outage issue. Enter TalkTalk in the search box and click on search to get updates.

Another option is to visit the TalkTalk Twitter page. They always leave updates on network outages on the page.

4. Connect the Device To the Router

You can try connecting the device directly to the router. This works as a better alternative if the device’s Wi-Fi is faulty. To complete the process, get an Ethernet cable. Connect one end of the cable to your device and the other end to one of the ports in the TalkTalk router.

5. Cross-check Connection

The next option is to check the cables and connections. Check the cables to ensure they are plugged in firmly. Unplug the cables and try connecting them again.

Also, check the microfilter if you use one. After that, restart the route and allow a few minutes for it to reboot. 

6. Check For Network Interference

 Also, the issue may be caused by network interference in your telephone line. Try making a call with your phone and listen for noise. If the line is cracking or you hear a noise, you need to contact the TalkTalk customer support team.

7. Reset Router

Resetting a TalkTalk router takes it back to its factory setting and deletes previously saved data. That includes the login details, Wi-Fi, Firewall, LAN, and internet connection settings.

This is why you should only opt for this one when it is essential. But the process will fix any glitch on your device. Follow the steps below on the reset process.

How To Reset TalkTalk Router

. Check at the back of the router for a pinhole button. That is the reset button.

. Insert a paper clip or pin into the button and press for 30 seconds. Note that you have to hold the button for that long to reset the device. Releasing the button sooner will only reboot the device.

During the reset process, the router will turn off and reset again.

. Wait for the router to reboot. This may take several minutes to complete.

. Complete the setup process again, and connect your device.

8. Contact TalkTalk Support Team

The final step is to contact the TalkTalk support team. To get a quick response, drop a message on their Twitter page. Another option is to visit their robust community page and drop your question.


At this point, you should have your TalkTalk router working perfectly. But if you just need a summary of the steps here, these are some highlights.

You can fix the yellow light on your TalkTalk router by rebooting the device, power cycling, and resetting the router. Also, you have the option to connect your device directly to the router using an Ethernet cable. 

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