TELUS Equipment Return: Complete Guide!!!

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TELUS is Canada’s top Telecom Company. The Company offers Internet, TV, and Phone services to subscribers. These packages come as a bundle. That means that you can subscribe to more than one of their services at a time. For instance, the TV and internet plans come as a combo.

As a new subscriber to the TELUS service, the Company ships out some equipment to you. That includes a TV box, broadband device, remote control, and other accessories.

TELUS requires you to send back the equipment sent to you when you subscribed, you paid the price for the equipment. This post explains the process involved in returning your TELUS equipment.

How Does TELUS Equipment Return Work?

Unless you out rightly paid for your TELUS equipment, you are expected to return the equipment under certain circumstances. The equipment is sent to you on lease at the beginning of your contract. That means that you are to return the equipment at the end of your contract with TELUS.

TELUS considers it a breach of contract when you fail to return the equipment sent to you. The breach of contract attracts some penalties, which will be discussed in detail in the latter part of this post.

When Are You Required To Return Your TELUS Equipment

a. When There Is A Defect In New Product

If you notice a defect in the new equipment kit TELUS ships to you, you are to return the defective equipment. After you return the defective equipment, TELUS can send you new equipment or refund your money.

Note that, there is a time frame attached to when you can return your TELUS equipment.

b. When Upgrading Your Subscription

TELUS has different subscription plans and each plan has equipment tailored to power its features. When you upgrade from one plan to another, you are to return your current equipment. TELUS will ship out a new installation kit to match your new plan.

c. When Canceling Your Service

If you are moving to another ISP provider, you are expected to return your current TELUS equipment. This does not apply if you are moving to another house. You can take your current equipment kit to your new house.

How To Return Your TELUS Equipment Kit

a. Cancel Subscription

If you are moving to another network, you have to first contact TELUS customer support to cancel your subscription. Before canceling your account, you will be required to pay any outstanding bills you have in your account. Contact TELUS at 310-2255 to cancel your account.

If you are returning a defective product, contact TELUS customer support to report a defect on the product. TELUS will send a return label to your email. Contact TELUS at 1-866-558-2273 for equipment returns.

b. Package Equipment Kit

Perform a factory reset on devices if necessary. Unplug cables, connects, and TV box. Gather the accessories and make sure the equipment kit is complete.

First, wrap the equipment kit and accessories inside bubble wrap before placing them in a shipping box. The bubble wrap adds an extra layer of protection for the equipment during the shipping process.

c. Get Ready For Shipping

When returning a defective product, TELUS will send you a postpaid return waybill. Attach that to your shipping box.

On the other hand, if you are canceling your service, print a copy of the last bill you paid and include it in the shipping box.

If you don’t have a copy of your last bill, write the following detail on a piece of paper and attach it to your shipping box. Full Name of Account Holder/ Address and Account Number/ Phone Number.

d. Shipping Process

The final step is to drop off the equipment at any Canada Post Office near you. Use the Post Office Map to find the nearest post office in your location. Simply enter your postal code or address in the search box and click on Find.

When you get to the Canada Post Office nearest to you, inform the rep that you are shipping back equipment to TELUS. The rep will request a return ID number, and enter the ID number PR142924.

You will be issued a Prepaid Waybill with the TELUS address. Follow the final instructions to complete the shipping process.

What TELUS Equipment To Ship Back

The equipment to return depends on your current service plan. But this is a breakdown of the equipment you are to return for each service.

Optik TV

Technicolor (4k)

Technicolor (HD)

Cisco ISB7150 (HD)

Aris VIP5662W (4k)

TELUS Internet

Wi-Fi Hub

Boost Wi-Fi


Pik TV

Android Media Box (and remote)

Apple TV (and remote)

HDMI cable

Nvidia Shield TV

If you are not sure of the equipment to return, you can contact TELUS at 1-855-255-8828 to confirm.

How Long Do I Have To Return TELUS Equipment?

That depends on if you are canceling your service or returning a defective product. For a defective product, you have 15 to 30 days from the purchase date to return the product.

15 days if you bought the product from an offline store and 30 days if you bought the product from an online store. Here is the breakdown of the timeframe to return TELUS equipment.

On the other hand, if you cancel your service, you have 30 days from the date you canceled your service to return your equipment.

What Happens If I Don’t Return My TELUS Equipment Kit?

TELUS will consider it a breach of contract if you fail to return your equipment after you cancel your service. Such breach of contract attracts a penalty.

The penalty for not returning your equipment is that your account will be charged with an amount equivalent to the cost of buying the product. The amount starts from $99 and can go as high as $250 depending on the equipment you failed to return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Return TELUS Equipment To Store?

No. You can’t return your TELUS Equipment to any of their stores. You can only ship the equipment back to TELUS via the Post Office. The entire process of shipping the equipment back to TELUS has been outlined in this post.

Do You Have To Return TELUS Modem?

Unless you out rightly purchased your TELUS Modem, you are required to return the Modem when you cancel your contract. The same policy that applies to returning any TELUS equipment applies to the TELUS modem too.

TELUS Charged Me Despite Returning Equipment

The reason could be that they’ve not received your equipment or that your cancellation has not been reflected on their account.

One way to resolve this is to send their customer support an email. In the email, attach a copy of your Waybill Number, in addition to your account details. This should be enough evidence to prove that you’ve returned your equipment.

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