Can I Unlock MetroPcs Phone Before 180 Days? Yes. Check How

Last Updated on October 11, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

One of the requirements for unlocking a locked MetroPCS phone is that the device must be active for 180 days. This means that your phone must meet this requirement before it can be eligible to be unlocked.

If you want to know if you can unlock a MetroPCS phone before 180 days, the answer is YES. Just like every rule, there is an exception to the MetroPCS phone 180 days unlock policy.

This post explains the possible ways to unlock your MetroPCS phone before 180 days. Before then, let’s discuss the MetroPCS unlock policy because there are other requirements your phone needs to meet besides the 180 active days rule.

Understanding The MetroPCS Unlock Policy

If your phone is locked to the MetroPCS network, there are requirements the phone has to meet to be eligible to unlock. These requirements are contained in the MetroPCS unlock policy.

Below is a breakdown of the MetroPCS unlock policy according to the information on their site:

. The Phone/ Device must be active for 180 days.

. You must purchase the phone/ device from MetroPCS.

. The phone/ device must not be blocked or reported as stolen or lost.

Your phone must meet all three requirements to be eligible. This means that your phone won’t be eligible for unlocking if it meets just two out of the three unlock requirements.

Can You Unlock MetroPcs Phone Before 180 Days?

Yes. You can unlock your MetroPCS phone before the 180 days. MetroPCS made an exception for deployed military personnel. If you fall under this category, you can unlock your MetroPCS phone without meeting the 180 days requirement.

Also, you can use a third-party unlock site to unlock your phone. We don’t recommend you do this though.

Why Does MetroPCS Have The 180 Days Unlock Policy?

MetroPCS has this policy in place to prevent fraud. Also, the policy helps to discourage unserious customers from misusing the unlock policy option.

When Does MetroPCS 180 Days Start Counting?

The 180 days start counting from the date you first activated your phone. If your phone is under warranty, this date starts counting from the date you purchased your phone.

Note that your phone activation date differs from the account activation date unless you activated both on the same date.

How To Unlock MetroPCS Phone Before 180 Days?

1. Military Personnel Unlock

If you are a military personnel waiting for deployment, you can visit any MetroPCS store near you to unlock your phone. MetroPCS will waive the 180 days unlock policy for you.

All you have to do is to take your deployment papers to any MetroPCS store near you and the phone you want to unlock. You will get your phone unlocked instantly.

2. Third-Party Site:

There are third-party sites that can help you unlock your phone before the 180 days. These sites use a crack code to unlock your phone. You have to pay for this service.

Note that, you will annul the warranty that comes with the phone once you unlock the phone via a third-party site.

We don’t recommend going through this process, nor do we vouch for any of these sites. You can search for these sites on Google.

How To Unlock An Eligible Phone On MetroPCS?

When your phone meets all the unlock requirements, you don’t need to take any steps to unlock the phone. MetroPCS will automatically unlock your phone within 2 days of it being eligible to be unlocked.

Some phones are not eligible for the automatic unlock service. If that is your phone, MetroPCS will send you a notification to unlock your phone. Follow the steps below to complete the manual phone unlock process.

Unlock MetroPCS Android Phone Manually

To unlock an Android phone, first, make sure your phone is connected to a wireless network. Then, launch the pre-installed unlock app on your phone. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the unlock process.

Unlock MetroPCS Samsung Phone Manually

To unlock a Samsung phone, first, make sure your phone is connected to a wireless network. Then go to ‘Settings’> ‘Connections’> ‘More Connection Settings’> ‘Network Unlock’.

Unlock MetroPCS iPhone Manually

First, MetroPCS will automatically unlock your phone. Then you have to complete the process from your end.

To do so, connect your iPhone phone to a wireless network. Open the SIM tray, remove the MetroPCS SIMcard, and insert a SIM card from another network. Complete the setup process. Remove the SIM and insert your MetroPCS SIM card.

Will MetroPCS Charge Me To Unlock My Phone?

No. Once your phone meets the unlock eligibility, MetroPCS will unlock your phone for free. You don’t have to pay a fee to get your MetroPCS phone unlocked.


So far, this phone has explained the options available for you to unlock your MetroPCS phone before the 180 days.

The options are to option for the military exception or to use a third-party unlocking site. I don’t recommend using a third-party site because of the many cons associated with using any of these verified sites.

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