Waive Metropcs Activation Fee: Easy Guide

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For most networks like MetroPCS, an activation fee does apply. This is also known as the setup fee. It generally applies to new customers and old account holders trying to set up a new SIM card.

Metropcs charges a $20 activation fee for the first line you activate. Also, you pay $30 for subsequent lines you add to the account.

The question now is, can the Metropcs activation fee be waived? Can you activate a Metropcs line without paying the activation fee?

The answer is ‘Yes’. According to the information on the Metropcs site, you can activate a line for free if you use the Online Activation Tool.

This post will provide all the details you need to know on how to activate a line on MetroPCS without paying the activation fee.

Understanding MetroPCS Activation Fee

As mentioned earlier, MetroPCS charges an activation or setup fee for every line you activate on the network. The fee applies to both new and old account holders.

The activation fee is $20 for the first line you activate and $30 for any additional line you activate in your account.

The good thing about the activation or setup fee is that it is a one-time payment. You only get to pay it once during the setup or activation process.

Can I Activate MetroPCS SIM Card Without an Activation Fee?

Also, as mentioned earlier, Yes. You can activate a Metropcs line without paying the activation fee.

You can avoid the activation fee by using the Online Activation Tool. Note that, only new customers on the network can use the Online Activation Tool. This means that old customers still have to pay the activation fee when activating a new line.

If you want to activate a new line as an old account holder, you have to visit any MetroPCS store near you or call the customer support department at 1-888-863-8768.

Steps To Activate New MetroPCS Device Without Activation Fee

Here is the step-to-step process on how to activate a MetroPCS phone using the Online Activation Tool to avoid paying the activation fee. It is worth mentioning again that this option is only available to new customers on the network.

Step 1: Get Ready For Activation

. Insert the MetroPCS SIM Card into your phone.

. Dial *#06# to get your device’s IMEI number. You will need the number for the activation process.

. Keep your Credit Card handy. You will need it to purchase a plan during the activation process.

. Finally, connect the phone to a wireless network.

 Step 2: Start the Activation Process

. Visit the Metropcs Activation Page.

. Scroll Down and tap on Activate.

. On the Account Holder page, enter your First name/ Last Name/ Email Address. Check the box if you want to receive emails from Metropcs.

. Scroll down to the Address Section Select your Address Type and then enter your Street Address/ City/ State or Province/ ZIP Code.

. The next section is for Security Information. Enter a PIN/ Confirm PIN/ Select Question/ Answer Security Question.

. Check the ‘I’m not a robot’ box and click on Continue.

Step 3: Continue the Activation Process

. Enter the IMEI number you got earlier.

. Enter your SIM Card Number and click on Next. You can find the SIM card number on the back of the SIM card kit. It usually starts with 890——.

. The next option is to select ‘I want a new phone number or I want to keep my current phone number’. Select the second option if you are porting out your number from another network to MetroPCS. You if opt for a new number, you have the option to select an area code for the number.

Step 4. Select A Plan

. Tap on the Price Plan, scroll down the option of the plan, and select a plan.

. Scroll down the page to find add-ons you can add to your account. Some are free like the Scam Block, and Caller ID, while others are premium.

. Select the add-ons for your account and click on Next.

Check the ‘I’m not a robot’ box and click on Continue.

Step 5: Add Another Line

. Click on Continue if you don’t want to add another line.

. If you want to add another line to the account, tap on ‘Add Another Line’. Enter the IMEI and SIM Card Number for the subsequent line.

Step 6: Verify the Information

. The new page will bring out the information you’ve entered so far. Including the account details, plan, and device details.

. If the information is correct, check the I Accept box and click on Continue.

Step 7: Pay For the Plan

. Select your preferable Payment Option. You have the option to pay via Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Payment PIN.

. If you are paying with a Credit/ Debit Card, Enter the following details: Name on Card/ Card Number/ Expiration Date/ Security Code/ Zip Code, and click on Continue to complete payment.

Step 8: Confirmation Message

. The next page is a confirmation page to confirm your details and show your phone number.

Check out this video for a breakdown of how to complete the process.

Viola, at this point you should have your MetroPCS phone activated and ready for use. In the process, you will find that there is no option to pay for a setup or activation fee.


So far, this post has outlined the step to step guide on how to activate a MetroPCS phone without paying the activation fee. This will help you save $20 and an additional $30 for subsequent lines.

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