Xfinity Self Install Not Working? Easy Guide To Fix

Last Updated on May 18, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

When you subscribe to any of Xfinity’s services, they send you an equipment kit. You have the option to book an Xfinity technician to install the kit or continue with the self-install option.

The Xfinity Self-Install gives you the option to handle the installation process in your home. Xfinity provides you with easy-to-follow installation instructions for the process.

If you’ve completed the self-installation process for your Xfinity equipment kit and your service isn’t active yet, this post is for you.

But in a nutshell, if you are having issues with the Xfinity self-install process, it could be that the cables, especially the coaxial cables. You can fix this by tightening the cables.

Continue reading to learn other reasons why your Xfinity self-install is not working. The latter part of the post provides tips to fix the issue.

Why Is My Xfinity Self-Install Not Working

a. Xfinity Network Outage

Most people do neglect this essential factor. While you are busy checking your equipment and internet connection, the real issue may be Xfinity network outage.

b. Loose Cables

The main component of the self-install process is the installation and connecting of cables and cords. The process won’t work if the cables, especially the coaxial cable are loose or not connected to the right outlet.

Another issue could be that the cables are plugged in correctly, but the cables are damaged. That is why you need to go through the cables and cords and check for damages. 

c. Incomplete Activation Process

The other issue could be that you have not completed the activation process. After setting up the devices and connecting cables, you need to complete the activation process on Xfinity platforms. That is on their site or the app.

You can’t complete the self-installation process without activating your account with Xfinity.

d. Activation In Progress

It could be that you have completed the activation process, but the activation is still in progress. After you complete the activation process for a new account, it takes 10 to 20 minutes for Xfinity to activate your account.

e. Minor Glitch In Equipment

If your setup has been working perfectly but the internet starts dropping suddenly, it’s most likely a glitch in your equipment. Caches and minor bugs can cause a minor glitch in your network.

You can fix this issue by performing a power cycle on your equipment. Continue reading to see the steps to perform a power cycle on your equipment. 

f. Damaged Equipment

Finally, it could be that one of the main devices in the self-install kit is damaged. This is why Xfinity has a warranty policy that allows you to return any damaged device for repairs or exchange.

How To Fix The Xfinity Self-Install Issues

a. Confirm Xfinity Signal

Before you start trying to fix your equipment or network, you have to check for Xfinity network signals. Xfinity allows you to check for network status from your account. Follow the steps below to check for Xfinity network signals.

. Visit the Xfinity Account Login Page.

. Enter your Xfinity ID/ Mobile Number and Password.

. Click on Services on the Home Page and select Status Center.

. You will see a banner on the page showing the network signal status update. Green means that the network is stable, while red means that there is a network outage in your location. 

Another way to check for a signal outage is to text OUT to 266278. You will get a text notification of an outage in your location.

b. Check For Loose Connectors and Cables

The next step is to check the connectors and cables. Check the cables, especially the Coaxial cable to make sure the cable is plugged in. Also, ensure that the communication devices are connected to the cables. Check and tighten any loose connection.

To make sure all cables are connected, you can go through the cables, and disconnect and reconnect each cable. Start from the Xfinity line that connects your apartment. For each cable you disconnect, wait for 30 seconds before you reconnect the cable.

c. Power Cycle Equipment

This process will fix cache issues and minor glitches on your device. To do this, find the power cord that connects your modem to the power source.

Turn off the router and disconnect the power cord. Wait for 60 seconds and plug back into the power source. Turn on the router and allow the device to re-establish connections to the network. Connect your devices to the wireless network and try accessing the internet.

d. Complete Activation Process

Log into your Xfinity account and activate your account. The process of activating your account is quite easy and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Follow these steps in this guide to complete the process.

e. Wait For Activation

If you just completed the activation process, it could be that the activation process is still in progress. As we mentioned earlier, it takes 10 to 20 minutes for Xfinity to activate your account after you complete the activation process.

You simply have to wait it out. It is advisable to wait 60 minutes after you complete the activation process. If after 60 minutes your internet isn’t working yet, then you have to try the other tips here.

f. Contact Xfinity Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the tips here and none has worked so far, it’s time to contact Xfinity customer support. You can contact the support team via their online chat page here or on any of their Social Media accounts.

The customer support person will guide you through additional steps you can take to solve the issue. Or, they can ask you to return your equipment for repairs or exchange.


This post has explained some of the main reasons why your Xfinity self-install is not working. The second phase of the post outlines some of the quick tips you can try to fix the issue.

Make sure you check for network signals before you start trying out other tips that involve troubleshooting your equipment.  

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