AT&T Check Port Status (Complete Guide & Link)

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The AT&T number transfer process allows you to transfer your number from any network to the AT&T network. You may be curious to know your port status after you complete the process of porting to the AT & T network. Thankfully, there is a quick way to check your port status.

To check your AT&T port status, visit the AT&T port status page. Enter the phone number you are transferring to the AT&T network and click on check status. You will see details of your port status.

Continue reading to get other information about the AT&T port status. That includes the duration, understanding what each port status feedback means and every other detail you need to know about AT&T port status.

Understanding AT&T Port Status

If you want to port your number from another network to the AT&T network, you simply gather your information from your current carrier. Then you submit the information to AT&T and request to port your number from the current carrier to their network.

AT&T will commence the porting process, which involves reaching out to your current carrier to place a port request with your details. This process takes some time.

While this is going on, you can check the progress of the process. This is where checking your port status comes in handy. It is essential to keep track of your port status because AT&T can reject your order or request.

How Long Does It Take To Port A Number To AT&T?

The time it takes to transfer a number to the AT & T network depends on two factors. The type of number you want to transfer and how you placed your transfer request.

It can take up to 24 hours to transfer a wireless number to the AT & T network. On the other hand, it takes 5 to 7 days to transfer a non-wireless number (landline) to AT&T.

If you place a transfer request in an AT&T store, it can take as little as 3 hours to complete the transfer request. While it can take up to 5 business days to complete a transfer question you place online or over the phone.

How Do I Check My AT&T Port Status?

You can check your AT&T Port Status on the AT & T site. Simply visit the port status page. Enter the phone number you are porting from your current carrier to the AT & T network. You will see a new page with your port status.

AT&T Number Port Status Result

When you check your AT&T port status, you will get any of the three possible results. Below, I will explain what each port status order means:

. In Progress Order: This means that AT&T is still processing your number transfer request. Your order is still in progress, so you have to wait until you get confirmation.

. Confirmed Order: This order status means that AT&T has confirmed your order and will complete the process at a specific time or date. Most times, this status shows a specific completion date.

. Rejected Order: This is an indication that your order or request to port your number to the AT & T network was rejected. There are several reasons AT&T will reject your order or request to transfer your number to their network.

Continue reading to know some of these reasons and steps you can take to remedy the situation.

Why Is AT&T Port Status Showing Rejected Order?

AT&T can reject your request to transfer a number to their network for several reasons. Below are some of the possible reasons why AT&T may reject your port order:

. If the information you provide is incorrect. You need to provide AT&T with essential information about your current carrier to complete the number transfer process. The information includes your account number, PIN or Port code, and personal information. If any of this information is incorrect, AT&T won’t process your order.

. The number you request to transfer is inactive.

. The number has been assigned to another subscriber.

. AT&T does not have an interconnection agreement with the carrier.

. The number is a pager number. Pager numbers belong to the Page Company and cannot be transferred to another network.

What To Do When AT&T Port Order Is Rejected

If your AT&T port out status is showing a rejected order, contact AT&T customer support. The customer support person will guide you through the next steps to take to rectify the issue.

That may entail sending additional details to customer support. After that, your order status will revert to in progress.

What Is a Port Number For AT&T?

If you have any issue with your port in or number transfer process on AT&T, contact the port department at 888-898-7685.

What Happens After Completes My Port Order Status

When your port order is complete, AT&T will contact your previous network to cancel your service. This means that you will lose any benefits or discounts you enjoyed with your previous network.

On the flip side, you will start enjoying the AT & T network and service and any other pros that come with the network.

Does AT&T Charge A Porting Fee?

No. AT&T does not charge you a fee to port your number into their network. But note that your previous carrier may charge you a fee when you port out your number. That may include an early termination fee if you have a contract with the network.


As mentioned earlier, porting a number to the AT&T network is quite easy. You just need to provide AT&T with vital details from your previous network to commence the process.

While the process is in progress, you can check the port status. This post has explained how to check your post status and other details about the port status.

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