Does US Cellular Support Wi-Fi Calling? Guide

US Cellular is one of the networks that supports Wi-Fi calling. The network supports Wi-Fi calling for customers on January 22, 2023. Once you subscribe to any of the network’s plans and you have a supporting device, you can make Wi-Fi calls on the network. Also, the network supports Wi-Fi calling to international destinations. If … Read more

Simple Mobile Compatible Phones In 2024

The Simple Mobile network allows customers to bring their phones to the network. Any device you are bringing to the network has to meet the network requirements. First, the device has to be compatible with the Simple Mobile network. In other words, some devices won’t work on the network. For instance, a phone that supports … Read more

Safelink Enrollment: Enroll In Safelink Lifeline Program

As a new customer on the Safelink network, you have to enroll in the free minutes and data program. Enrollment has to do with the application process for the program. But first, you have to meet the eligibility requirements to apply. To complete the Safelink Enrollment process, first you have to ensure you qualify for … Read more

Steps To Reactivate Safelink Phone

If your Safelink account is temporarily deactivated, you have the option to reactivate your account. Thankfully, the account reactivation process is easy and can be completed in minutes. To reactivate your Safelink wireless account, contact customer support and request to reactivate your account. Submit the necessary account details and wait for the support person to … Read more

Guide To Port Number To Safelink Wireless

Do you know that you can bring your mobile number from your current carrier to the Safelink network? Safelink Wireless allows you to port your number to their network, but first, you have to qualify for the program. After you’ve been accepted into the program, you can port your existing number to the network. In … Read more

T-Mobile Virus Protection: Guide To McAfee Security For T-Mobile

 As a network, T-Mobile takes customer protection against viruses and malware seriously. The network has different protection options in place to protect customers on the network against malware, phishing, hackers, viruses, and theft. These options include both free and premium versions. T-Mobile provides you the option to protect your device with any of the following: … Read more

Ultra Mobile Port Out: Step-To-Step Guide

If you need a guide on how to port your number from Ultra Mobile to any other carrier, this post is for you. Once you make up your mind to leave the network, you can transfer your number from Ultra Mobile to a new number. Before you start the process, you need to gather the … Read more

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