Cancel Xfinity Appointment: Step-to-Step Guide

Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by Ron D. Morgan

Xfinity has a track record for coming through for its subscribers when it comes to handling installation and troubleshooting issues. Subscribers have the option to book an appointment to invite a technician to their home to handle installation or troubleshooting devices.

The good thing about the Xfinity technician appointment is that it is quite flexible. You can book, reschedule or cancel your appointment with ease.

If you’ve booked an Xfinity technician appointment and for whatever reason, you need to cancel it, no need to panic. This post guides you through the various methods and processes to cancel your Xfinity appointment with no issue.

Note that, this post is about canceling your Xfinity technician’s visit and not canceling your Xfinity service.

How to Cancel Xfinity Technician’s Appointment

There are three methods available to cancel your Xfinity Appointment. You can cancel via Xfinity mobile App, Xfinity site, or the Xfinity TV app. Below is a breakdown of each of the methods.

Cancel Xfinity Appointment Via Xfinity Mobile App

. Launch the Xfinity Mobile App on your smartphone if you have the app. If not, visit the Google Play Store or IOS App Store, and download and install the Xfinity Mobile App.

. Enter your Mobile Number/Email/Username and Password to log into your account.

. You will find your Service Appointment details on your home page.

. In the appointment box, you will find two options: Add to Calendar and Manage Appointment. Click on Manage Appointment.

You will further see the option to Reschedule Appoint or Cancel Appoint.

. Click on Cancel Appointment and Confirm to complete the cancellation process.

Cancel Xfinity Appointment Via Xfinity Site

. Visit the Xfinity Account Page.

. Enter your Xfinity ID & Password or Xfinity Number to log into your account.

. You will see details of your appointment on the home page.

. Click on Cancel Appointment and click the Cancel Appointment again.

. Finally, click on Confirm to complete the cancellation process.

Cancel Xfinity Appointment Via Xfinity TV App

. Launch the Xfinity App on your smart TV.

. Go to My Account and select Appointments.

You will see a new page with your appointment details.

. Select Cancel Appointment and OK to complete the process.

Will Xfinity Charge Me For Canceling My Appointment?

No. Xfinity will not charge you for booking, rescheduling, or canceling your technician’s appointment. All you have to do after you cancel your appointment is to book a new appointment.


This post has extensively covered the methods available to cancel your Xfinity appointment. Remember that you have the option to reschedule your appointment to a different date and time instead of canceling the appointment.

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