Cricket Wireless Port Out: Transfer Number To Another Network

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Looking for a guide on how to port your phone number from Cricket Wireless to another network? This post is for you. Porting a number from Cricket Wireless to any other carrier is easier now than ever.

How you port your number from Cricket Wireless network will solely depend on the new networks port-in process. For some networks, you have to visit the physical store to complete the process. For others, you have to contact customer support. 

Regardless of the port-in process, you will have to fill in your Cricket Wireless account details to complete the process. The good thing is that you can complete the entire port out process in 30 minutes or 2 hours max.

Continue reading to learn all you need to know about porting your number from Cricket to a new network. The steps in this post will work for any network in the United States because most have a similar porting process.

Before Your Port Your Number From Cricket Wireless

There are things you have to put in place to make the port-out process seamless. Failure to do these may delay the entire process. They include the following:

a. Confirm Transfer Eligibility

Before you initiate the port out to another network, you need to confirm that the new carrier can port your number to its network. There may be a reason why your number will not be eligible to be ported to the network.

So, it is best to confirm with the carrier that you can transfer your number to the network first before you start the process. To do this, visit the Carrier’s store in your location or the website and ask for the porting department. The support person will run the necessary check for you.

b. Cricket Wireless Remain Active

Your Cricket Wireless account associated with the phone number you want to port out must remain active for the duration of the process. Cricket Wireless will not permit you to port your number if the account is not active or has been suspended.

c. Keep Number Active

The above rule applies here too. Ensure that the number you want to port out is active. Also, the number must be originally assigned to you. You cannot port a number that has been assigned to another Cricket Wireless network.

d. Unlock Phone

If you intend to buy a new phone when you join the new network, this isn’t for you. But if you intend to take your current Cricket Wireless phone to the new network, ensure the phone is unlocked. No carrier will allow you to bring a locked device to its network.

Check the network’s device unlocking requirements. If your phone meets the unlocking requirements, contact customer support to unlock the phone.

Cricket Account Details To Port Number

As mentioned earlier, you have to submit your Cricket account details to the new carrier to complete the process. Here are the details you need to submit to the carrier for the port-out process:

a. Cricket Wireless Account Number

This number was assigned to your account after you joined the network. It is different from your phone number. Check this post on how to find your Cricket account number.

b. Transfer PIN

This is another essential detail you need to complete the port-out process. The same post for the account number will guide you on how to find your transfer PIN. 

c. Other Details

Some Carriers will request other details like the billing address on the Cricket Wireless account and ZIP code.

How To Port Out Number From Cricket Wireless To New Network

The exact steps to port your number to any network will depend on the carriers’ port-in and activation process. If you are unsure of the steps, contact the carrier’s porting department for more details. Below are the general port-in methods most carriers adopt:

. Carrier’s Location Store

The easiest way to port your number to a new network is to visit the carrier’s store in your location. Meet the attendant and request to port your number to the network.

Ensure you go with your Cricket Wireless account details and your current device if you want to use the device on the network. With your details, the attendant will contact Cricket Wireless, and submit a port-out request on your behalf.

After that, your number will be activated in the network. You will get a new SIM card and pack after the process.

. Activate New SIM Card

Another method is to order a SIM card pack from the new network. During the activation, select the Transfer Existing Number option. Fill in your Cricket Wireless account details.

The network will process your port-in request, and send you a notification via email after your number becomes active in the new network.

How Much Does It Cost To Port Number From Cricket Wireless?

From Cricket’s end, the port-out process is free. The network won’t charge you to release your number. It’s the new carrier that will most likely charge an activation fee.

On the flip side, if you have any outstanding bills pending in your Cricket account, you still need to pay off that. You will receive a final bill from the network in your next billing cycle. It is advisable to clear the bill before the due date.

How Long Does The Cricket Port Out Process Take?

As mentioned, you can complete the port out process in as little as 30 minutes especially if you do so in a physical location. There will be delays if the information you submitted is incorrect.

What To Do After You Port Number From Cricket Wireless?

After you port out your number from Cricket Wireless, it is advisable to contact customer support to confirm your account has been canceled.

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