Cricket Account Number And PIN (Cricket Transfer PIN)

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If you want to port from Cricket Wireless to another carrier, you have the option to take your number to the new network. All thanks to the provision of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that allows you to port your number to any carrier.

There are some details you have to provide your new carrier when you initiate the number transfer process from Cricket Wireless. The two main details include your Cricket Transfer PIN and account number.

This post explains why the Cricket transfer PIN is essential. Also, you will learn how to generate your Cricket transfer PIN and account number.

Does Cricket Wireless Have A Transfer PIN?

Yes. Cricket Wireless has a transfer PIN. The transfer PIN is also known as the Cricket Authorization ID (AID). The Authorization ID was put in place to prevent scammers from placing unauthorized number transfer request. Scammers do this to have access to phone numbers and in turn access to your bank details. 

What Is Cricket Wireless Transfer PIN (Authorization ID)?

The Cricket Wireless Transfer PIN (Authorization ID) is the code number you enter when you want to make vital changes to your account. Also, you need this code when you want to transfer your number from Cricket Wireless to another network.

The Authorization ID adds an extra layer of security to your account. It prevents scammers from making an unauthorized request to port your number to another network.

Any number transfer request to Cricket Wireless without the Authorization code would not be completed.

How Many Digits Is The Cricket Transfer PIN (Authorization ID)?

The Cricket Authorization ID or Transfer PIN appears as a 4-digit code. Note that this Authorization Code is different from the 11-digit PIN code under your SIM Card kit.

How To Find My Cricket Transfer PIN (Authorization ID)?

To get your Cricket Wireless transfer PIN, simply contact customer support on 1-800-274-2538 to get your PIN. Note that the customer support person will ask questions to verify that you are the real account owner. So have details like your account number and personal details handy.

You can also chat up a customer support personnel from the Cricket Support Page. You will be asked to provide personal details to verify account ownership.

The final option is to visit the nearest Cricket Wireless store in your location to get the transfer PIN.

How To Find Cricket Wireless Account Number?

Your account number is the second essential detail you need to complete the number transfer process. You can find your Cricket account number by logging into your MyCricket App or Cricket Site.

You will find your account number on the Home Page, under your account name. Also, you can find your account name in your account statement for previous bill payments.

How The Cricket Number Transfer Process Works

The process of transferring your number out of the Cricket Wireless network is easy. All you have to do is to contact your new carrier and provide them with your details.

The details to provide should include your Cricket Authorization ID or Transfer PIN. Cross-check your details to make sure the details are correct. Any mistake in your details will delay the transfer process.

Your new carrier will contact Cricket Wireless to place a request to port your number to their network. Cricket Wireless will request your details and your Authorization ID.

Your new carrier will give Cricket Wireless enough time to verify your details. Once Cricket Wireless confirms your details and the authenticity of the request, they will commence the transfer process.

You don’t need to cancel your Cricket Wireless before or during the transfer process. The network will automatically cancel your account once they complete the transfer process.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Cricket Transfer PIN The Same As SIM Card PIN?

The Cricket Transfer PIN is different from the 11-digit SIM card PIN. It is the Authorization ID you entered when you set up your account.

Can I Transfer My Number From Cricket Without Transfer PIN?

No. Cricket Wireless will not process any request to transfer a number out of their network without the Authorization ID. 

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