Quick Guide To Fix ‘ESIM Transfer Not Supported’ Issue

Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Ron D. Morgan

You can transfer an eSIM from your current phone to a new phone. The eSIM transfer process is easier than downloading a new eSIM in a device. IPhones and most Android phones support this transfer process.

If you are trying to transfer an eSIM to a new phone and it’s showing the ‘eSIM transfer not supported’ error message, no worries.

There are two main reasons for the eSIM not supported’ error message. First, it could be that your carrier does not support eSIM transfer. The second reason is that the device doesn’t support eSIM transfer.

One quick way to fix this error message is to uninstall and install the eSIM in your current device and try the eSIM transfer again.

This post takes you through the steps to fix the eSIM not supported error message. Before that, let’s explain the reasons for this error.

Reasons For The ESIM Transfer Not Supported Error Message

Below are some of the possible reasons for the error message:

a. Carrier Doesn’t Support

It could be that your carrier does not support the eSIM transfer process. Some carriers prefer you download a new eSIM when you switch devices instead of transferring the eSIM between devices.

b. The device Doesn’t Support

Also, it could be that your device does not support eSIM transfer. Some devices support eSIM technology but not eSIM transfer. You can install eSIM on such a device but can’t transfer an eSIM from another device.

c. Device Software Issue

Most problems you may have with your device or phone stem from this. Failure to update the phone software on both devices can affect the eSIM transfer functionality.

Continue reading to learn how to check for and update software on most devices.

Ways To Fix The ESIM Transfer Not Supported Error Message

a. Check Phone Compatibility

First, check if the new phone supports eSIM. You can find this information in the phone manual. Here is a list of all devices that support eSIM. 

Also, confirm that the receiving phone supports eSIM transfer. It is easier to transfer an eSIM from say, an iPhone to an iPhone than to transfer from an iPhone to an Android phone.

b. Confirm With Carrier

First, check if your carrier supports eSIM on the phone. A phone can support eSIM but can’t be used on a particular network.

So, you have to also check if it’s under the list of eSIM-supported phones approved by your carrier.

Also, some carriers support eSIM on a device but won’t support eSIM transfer. That means you can download a new eSIM on the device but can’t transfer an existing eSIM from another device.

Contact your carrier’s customer support to ensure that the network supports eSIM transfer.

c. Update Firmware

As mentioned, the firmware or software powers most functionality of any phone, including the eSIM functionality. You have to ensure both the sending and receiving phones have the latest software version.

Update Firmware On iPhone

. Connect Device To Wi-Fi.

. Tap on the Settings Icon.

. Scroll down to General.

. Tap on Software Update from the options.

. Select Download and Install.

. Enter your iPhone Passcode (phone password)

. Select Agree.

. Wait for the device to install the update, and restart.

Update Firmware On Android

. Connect Device To Wi-Fi.

. Tap on the Settings Icon.

. Scroll down to About Phone.

. Select Updates and tap on Install.

. Wait for the device to install the update, and restart.

Alternative Troubleshooting Tips

Here are alternative troubleshooting tips to try if the error is an ‘eSIM transfer Not Working’ error:

d. Power Cycle Phone

A minor glitch on either device can affect the eSIM transfer process. You can fix the issue by power cycling both phones.

To power cycle, a phone simply means to force restart the phone. This easy process will resolve any minor glitch on the device.

To power cycle your device hold down the power button for at least 30 seconds until the device restarts. For Samsung phones, you have to hold the Volume down and power button simultaneously.

e. Internet Connection

You need a stable internet connection to complete the eSIM transfer process. First, it is advisable to connect both phones to the same wireless network.

Also, make sure the internet connection is stable. Restart the router and reconnect both phones to the network.

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