Quick Guide To Find Family Mobile Account Number And PIN

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

If you are looking to port your number from Family Mobile to a new carrier, you have to submit your porting details to the new carrier. The porting details you have to submit are your Family Mobile account number, transfer PIN, and ZIP code.

Getting the Family Mobile account number and other number transfer details can be a bit tricky. You may have come across info that the Family Mobile account number is the same as your phone number. That is incorrect.

Your Family Mobile account information is either your phone’s IMEI or SIM Card ICCID. For the transfer PIN, you have to send an SMS to the 611611 code.

This post guides you on how to find these details and the next step to take if you can’t find any of these details.

Family Mobile Account Number

Your Family Mobile account number is unique to your account. Every customer on the network has an account number. You enter the number whenever you have to make major changes to your account.

Also, any carrier you want to transfer your current number to will require you to provide your account number. It is best to mention again at this point that your Family Mobile account number is different from your mobile number.

Guide To Find Family Mobile Account Number

As mentioned earlier the account number is either your phone’s IMEI or SIM Card ICCID. There are two main methods to find your phone’s IMEI number. The first method is to dial *#60# on your phone. You will see the number on the display screen.

The second method is to go to Settings> About Phone> IMEI Information. This works for Android. For the iPhone, you go to Settings> General> IMEI Information.

For some people, what worked for them is the SIM Card ICCID. This is the 15-digit number that is printed on your SIM Card pack.

Family Mobile Transfer PIN

The transfer PIN was put in place to protect your number. There have been instances of scammers placing transfer requests for other people’s numbers. So, the transfer PIN is there to protect your number from such an incident.

To find your transfer PIN, simply text NTP to 611611. You will receive an SMS on your phone shortly with your transfer PIN.

Can’t Find the Family Mobile Account Number or PIN

On very rare occasions, if you are having issues with getting the above, contact Family Mobile customer support to provide the details for you.

The best way to contact support is to call 877-440-9758 and request to get your number porting detail. You will answer a couple of questions to verify your ID. After that, you will receive the details as an SMS. 

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