Fido Change Number: Quick Guide

Last Updated on March 14, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

If you are thinking of changing your Fido number for whatever reason, there are two options available for you. The first option is to order a new SIM pack and get a new number.

The second option is to change your current Fido number without ordering a new SIM pack. This post will focus on this second option.

In a nutshell, you can change your Fido number via the Fido Self-serve platform or by contacting the customer support department.

This post will serve as a guide on how to change your number. Also, you will learn other details like what to do before you change your number, the cost, and what happens after you change your number.

Getting Ready To Change Fido Phone Number

Before you start the process to change your phone number, there are things you have to make sure are in place to start the process:

a. Number Assigned To You

You have to make sure the number you want to change is assigned to you in an account under your name. You can’t change a number that is not yours to begin with.

The network will carry out verification checks to confirm it’s the owner of the number that is requesting the change of number.

b. Fido Service Active

Your Fido service must be active for you to request to change your number. Also, your account must be in good standing to complete the process. If your number has been suspended, you need to contact customer support to sort out your account issue before you change your number.

c. Save Important Voicemail Messages

After you change your number, your old voicemails will be gone. So, go through the voice messages once more and save the essential details you need.

How To Change Fido Phone Number

I mentioned earlier that there are two methods to request a number change on the Fido network. You can either complete the process yourself on the Fido Self-serve platform or contact customer support.

Change Fido Phone Number Online (Fido Self-serve)

. Visit the Fido Self-serve account login page.

. Enter your Username and Password to log into your account.

. Besides the number you want to change, you will see View Usage & Manage. Click on the option.

. Scroll down the options to Quick Accounts and select Change my Number.

. Select your Province and City and click on Find Available Numbers.

. Select a number from the list of numbers on the screen and click on Next.

. Follow the on-screen instructions and click on Confirm to complete the process.

. Wait for a confirmation message via SMS or Email.

Change Fido Phone Number Via Customer Care

. Call the Fido customer care department at 611 on your Fido phone or 1-888-482-3436 if you are calling from another number.

. Request to change your number.

. You will receive a verification code on your number. Say the code to verify your account.

. Opt to select a number in your province or another province.

. Wait for a confirmation message via SMS or Email.

How Long Does It Take To Change Phone Number On Fido?

The process is almost immediate. Once you complete the process and verify your account, you will get the confirmation via Email and SMS to the effect. The new number becomes active immediately.

How Much Does It Cost To Change Number On Fido?

The process is free if you complete yourself on the Self-serve platform. On the other hand, if you contact the customer care department to handle the process for you, you will pay a one-time $50 fee. You can avoid this fee by following the steps above to complete the process.

Note that the network may waive the $50 fee if your reason for changing your number is that you are moving to another region.

What To Do After Changing Fido Number

After you receive the confirmation message, restart your phone to get your new number working. Also, try making calls on the new line to see if it works.

After that, send the number to anybody you want to contact because the number will no longer be active. Finally, set up a new voicemail message because the old message will be deleted with the old number. 

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