How To Get Out Of AT&T Installment Plan: Quick Options!!!

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Getting out of AT & T’s installment plan is easier than most people think. But you have to do it the right way to avoid a penalty.

There are easy ways to get out of AT&T’s installment plan without penalties. One such option is to opt for a one-time payment to pay off the remaining balance on your plan.

Continue reading this post to understand other options available for you to opt for your installment plan on AT&T.

How Does AT&T Installment Plan Work?

The AT&T installment plan allows you to purchase any AT&T phone and pay installments. Instead of making an upfront payment on the phone, you get to spread the payments across many months.

This means that you can get any phone of your choice with a $0 upfront payment.

The payment timeframe for the AT&T installment plan is 36 months. This means that you get to pay small installments monthly until you complete the payment.

How To Get Out Of AT&T Installment Plan

The thing about the AT&T installment plan is that you can’t upgrade your phone until you get out of your current plan. These are some of the ways you can get out of your current

a. Activate AT&T Return Policy

AT&T has an active return policy that allows you to return your phone within the given timeframe for it. For individuals, the timeframe to return the phone is 14 days, and 30 days for corporate users.

You can cancel the installment plan on the phone after you return the phone without penalty. AT&T may charge you a restocking fee of $55 for returning a phone.

The phone you are returning must meet the following requirements for it to be accepted:

. Return the phone with all the accessories that came with the phone. That includes the charger and battery.

. Include a copy of your payment receipt or invoice.

. There must be no damage to the phone.

. The phone must be as good as new. That is in a good condition.

AT&T will return any phone that doesn’t meet these criteria and charge the necessary fees for it.

b. Pay Off

The second option is to pay off the remaining balance on the phone. AT&T made a provision for a pay-off on phones that allows you to make a one-time payment.

When doing a payoff, you must pay off the entire balance remaining on your phone.

The benefit of paying off your phone is that you can upgrade to a better phone. You can also opt to unlock your phone after you complete the payment on the phone.

Pay Off AT&T Installment Plan

Follow the steps to pay off your AT&T installment plan.

. Visit your AT&T Account Page Here.

. Enter your User ID and Password to log into your account

. Click on My Wireless

Click on the device you want to pay off and select Manage Device & Features.

. Select Installment Plan Details

Click on Make a Plan Payment. Select the payment method and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the payment.

c. Cancel Phone Line

The next option is to cancel your AT&T phone line. The AT&T phone comes locked with an AT&T phone line. You can opt-out of your phone installment plan by canceling your AT&T line on the phone.

First, you have to contact AT&T customer support at 800-331-0500 to cancel your line. After you request to cancel your phone line, AT&T will cancel your line and send you one last bill.

The bill will be sent in your next billing cycle or 14 days from the date your line was canceled.

The last bill will contain any outstanding payment you have on the line. That includes the outstanding payment on the home. This gives you the option to pay off your phone after you cancel your phone.

Pay AT&T Final Bill Online

You have the option to AT&T’s final bill in any of the AT&T retail stores. But once your line is disconnected, you can only pay the bill online. Follow the steps below to pay your AT&T final bill online.

. Launch your MyAT&T App or visit the AT&T Account Page.

. Enter your User ID and Password to log into your account.

. On your Account Page, you will see your outstanding bill.

. Select Make a Payment.

Enter Payment AmountMethod of Payment, and Payment Date.

. Select to pay with a Saved Credit Card or opt to Use a New Card.

Click on Pay Now to complete the payment.

Can I Unlock My AT&T Phone Without Paying Off Installment Plan?

No. One of the requirements for unlocking an AT&T locked phone is that you pay off the installment plan on the phone. Unless you pay off any outstanding amount on the device, AT&T won’t unlock the phone.


So far, this post has explained the three smart options available for you to get out of your AT&T installment plan. All the options work without incurring any penalty.

The second option is the best of the three in my opinion. That is if you have the financial capacity to do so. 

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