Google Fi Flexible Plan: 6 Things To Know About Flexible Plan

Last Updated on November 6, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Do you need a phone plan that won’t cost much on the Google Fi network? Google Fi Flexible is the plan for you.

The Google Fi Flexible plan is the most affordable plan on the network. The plan gives you access to unlimited calls and texts every month.

Not just that, it comes with other perks that make it the best plan if you are trying to spend less on your monthly phone bill.

The plan has a downside, which is the data plans are a bit expensive. You pay $10 for each Gigabyte of data you use on the plan.

If you are considering this plan, continue reading this post to learn about the Flexible plan. Also, you will learn the pros and cons of the plans and how to get around some of the cons of the plan.

About Google Fi Flexible Plan

As mentioned, the Google Fi Flexible plan is the most affordable plan on the Fi network. The plan is best for someone who makes more calls and texts and uses less internet data. This is because you get to make unlimited calls even to some international destinations.

Also, the Flexible plan has a family plan option that allows you to use multiple lines in one plan. It gets cheaper for each line you add to the plan.

Pros Of The Google Fi Flexible Plan

Here are some of the pros or advantages that make this plan the best option for you:

a. Unlimited Free Calls and Texts

With the Fi Flexible plan, you can make unlimited calls within the United States. The unlimited call offer extends to international calls to Mexico and Canada too. The same applies to texts. You can send an unlimited number of texts at no extra cost.

b. Affordable

Compared to other plans on the Google Fi network, the Flexible plan is the most affordable. Even compared to the starter plans on other networks. The Flexible plan starts at $20 per month for one line. It gets cheaper for each additional line you add to your plan.

c. Hotspot Available

Most carriers don’t allow you to use the hotspot option for their basic or starter plans. This doesn’t apply to the Google Fi network.

You can activate and use the Hotspot tethering option on the Flexible plan. This allows you to tether and connect other devices to your internet. Note that the hotspot data usage goes to your monthly data usage.  

d. Share Data

In addition to the hotspot option, you can share your data from your main device to your tablet or other device on this plan.

Cons Of The Google Fi Flexible Plan

a. Expensive Data

As mentioned earlier, the Flexible plan is best suited for people who make more calls than use the internet. This is because mobile data is expensive on the plan. You pay $10 for each gigabyte of data you use.

c. Cap On Data Usage

Not only is mobile data expensive on the Flexible plan but there is a data usage cap too. This limits the data bandwidth you can use per month on the plan. The data usage cap on the Flexible network is currently at 15 GB.

After using the first 15 GB of mobile data for the month, the network will throttle your data to as slow as 256 kbps.

The way around this is to use the Google Fi bill protection option to keep track of your data usage.

Google Fi Flexible Family Plan

The Flexible plan has a family plan that allows you to add more lines to your plan. The family plan is good if you need a plan to add other members of your family.

You can add five more plans to the plan making it a total of six lines on a plan. The good thing about the family plan is that you get to pay less, the more lines you add to the plan. Here is a breakdown of the Flexible family plan cost:

. 1 Line: $20 per month

. 2 Lines: $35 per month (Saving $5)

. 3 Lines: $50 per month (Saving $10)

. 4 Lines: $65 per month (Saving $15)

. 5 Lines: $80 per month (Saving $20)

. 6 Lines: $95 per month (Saving $25)

Check this post on how to add a line to your Google Fi plan.

Google Fi Flexible International Plan

You can use the Google Fi Flexible plans for both international calling and roaming. The plan allows for unlimited calling and texting in both Mexico and Canada.

Also, you can roam the Flexible plan when traveling to other destinations. You can use it in over 200 destinations. Using the Flexible plan to make calls outside the United States, Mexico, or Canada will attract a roaming rate of up to 20 cents per minute. The exact rate will depend on your destination. 

Is Google Fi Flexible Plan Worth It?

The answer to this will depend on your needs. So far, we have listed the pros and cons of the plan. So, it is left for you to decide if the plan meets your needs.

But in a nutshell, if you need an affordable plan, and you use less data per month, and can track your data usage, and don’t need the plan for international calls and roaming, then the Flexible plan is for you.

On the other hand, if you use much mobile data per month, and you need international calls or roaming, then this plan is not for you. Google Fi has other plans that will suit your needs although they will be more expensive than the Flexible plan.  

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