Google Fi International Calling Rates: 200+ Destinations

One thing to consider when using the Google Fi phone for international calling is the rates. The Google Fi International Calling Rates differ depending on the destination. The network bills calls at per minute rate. So the rates for some countries are higher than that of other countries. Also, note that Google Fi network offers … Read more

Google Fi Port Number: Transfer Number To Google Fi

Google Fi gives you the option to keep your current number when you join the network. But first, you have to port the number into the network. Thankfully, the number port-in process is quite easy. To port a number to the Google Fi network, first, you need to create an account on the network. That … Read more

Google Fi Add A Line: Step-to-Step Guide

Do you know that you can get a discount for each additional line you add to your Google Fi plan? The network allows you to add up to six lines to your plan. For each line you add, you get a discount. The option to add a line to a Google Fi plan is available … Read more

Google Fi Military Overseas: Guide To Get Approval

If you’re wondering if you can use your Google Fi phone outside the United States, the answer is a Yes and No. According to the terms of service on Google Fi’s site, the Google Fi service or phone is to be used primarily in the United States. That excludes the US territories. But there is … Read more

Google Fi Port Out: Easy Guide

Considering leaving the Google Fi network to another carrier? Do you know that you can take your number to the new network? To port your number from Google Fi to another network, you need to submit your Google Fi account details to the new carrier. The carrier will place a request to port out your … Read more

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