Google Pixel Warranty: Guide To File Claim For Pixel Phone

Last Updated on December 7, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Do you know that you don’t have to subscribe to the Google Preferred Care plan to file a claim for damage to your Pixel phone? All Google Pixel phones come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty.

With the Standard warranty, you can file a claim for a defect on your Pixel phone that is no fault of yours. Once Google approves your claim, the Company will either repair your device for free or send you a replacement.

To file a claim for your Google Pixel phone, contact customer support via call or online chat. File and submit the warranty form. Mail the phone back to the shipping address you receive in your mail.

Above is the summary of the process. This post will explain the entire process in detail. You will also learn other aspects of the Google Pixel standard warranty like the warranty period, and what the warranty does and does not cover.

How Google Pixel Warranty Works

As mentioned earlier, Google Pixel phones have a standard manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty is Google’s way of attesting to the quality of their Pixel phones.

If there is a defect that can be traced back to a manufacturing defect, Google will assume responsibility.

The Google Pixel warranty is a limited one. In other words, there is a limit to the timeframe of the warranty and a limit to what is covered under the warranty.

Also, this warranty applies to Pixel phones you buy either directly from Google or any of their authorized retailers.

How To File Warranty Claim For Google Pixel Phone?

To file a claim for your Pixel phone, contact customer support. After that, mail the phone to the shipping address you receive in your mail. Below is a breakdown of the process.

Contact Google Support

. Swipe up on your Pixel phone.

. Tap on Settings Icon.

. Scroll down and select Tips & Support.

. Scroll down the options and select Contact Us.

. Type in Warranty Claim in the description box and tap on Next.

. Tap on Other. Select your device from the options and tap on Next Step.

. Tap on Next Step.

. Select to either Get a Call or Chat with an online agent.

In a situation where you can’t use your Pixel phone to reach support, you can contact support either via Facebook or Twitter’s official handle.

 After you connect with an agent, communicate to the agent that you want to file a claim.

The online agent will ask you to provide some details like the device serial number, name, and contact information, to ascertain the issue to determine if you can file a claim.

The next step is to mail the phone to any of Google’s approved service centers.

You will receive an email with a shipping detail on where to mail your Pixel phone and a service note. Package the Pixel phone and mail it back to the address.

What Happens After You File A Warranty Claim For Google Pixel Phone?

The Service Centre will carry out a final check after receiving your Pixel phone to know if your claim is valid.

Once your claim is approved, the Company will opt to either repair your phone for free or send you a replacement if your current phone is irreparable.

On the other hand, if your claim wasn’t approved, Google will return your phone the same way you sent it.

What Does Google Pixel Phone Warranty Cover?

The Google Pixel warranty covers one manufacturer’s defect. That is a defect that can occur during the manufacturing process of the phone. It includes both defects in workmanship and materials used in production.  

What Is Not Covered In Google Pixel Warranty?

The Google Pixel warranty does not cover any of the underlying defects below:

. Damage caused by neglect, accident, or misuse.

. A defect caused by alteration or disassembly, or servicing of the phone by anyone other than a Google-authorized technician.

. Damage caused by exposure of the Pixel phone to liquid, chemicals, sharp objects, abnormal electrical current, excess force, or environmental hazards.

Factors That Void Google Pixel Warranty?

Other factors can render your claim void and invalid. Google won’t approve your claim if any of the below factors are applicable:

. Filing a warranty claim for a Google Pixel phone after the given warranty period.

. A Claim filed by someone who is not the first buyer or original buyer of the Pixel phone.

. Claim for a Pixel you purchased from an unauthorized retailer.

. A claim filed in a method other than the method stipulated by the Company.

How Long Is Google Pixel Warranty?

The standard Google Pixel warranty for a new phone is valid for one year in the United States and Canada. For refurbished phones, the warranty is valid for 90 days. The time starts counting from the date you first purchase the phone.

Note that in other regions (countries), the warranty period may be more or less, depending on the applicable laws in the country.

How To Confirm If Google Pixel Warranty Is Active?

You have to confirm the time frame is within the given warranty period before filing your claim.

To do this, check the purchase receipt you got on the day you bought the Pixel phone. The receipt comes with a purchase date. Check the purchase date to the present date to know if it’s still within the valid warranty period. 

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