MetroPCS Port Out: Step-to-Step Guide

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If you are looking to port your number from MetroPCS to any other network, this post is here to guide you. The provision of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) makes it easy for you to port out or transfer your number from one network to another.

Summarily, to port your number from MetroPCS to another network, you need to get your Metro account details. After that, contact the new carrier, submit the information, and request to port your number to the network.

Note that this process is different from that of transferring your MetroPCS service from one phone to another.

Continue reading to learn all the details of porting your number from MetroPCS to another network. Note that the steps in this post work regardless of the network you are porting to.

Getting Ready To Port Number From MetroPCS To New Network

To have a seamless transfer process, there are some steps you have to ensure are in place before you start the port out process. Here is a breakdown of the steps to put in place:

a. Keep Service And Number Active

You have to ensure that the number you want to transfer is active and still assigned to you. You can’t port out a number that is no longer active or has been assigned to another customer.

The same applies to your MetroPCS service. The service must be active. If for whatever reason MetroPCS suspends or terminates your service, you have to take steps to reactivate the service before you start the port out process.

Note that you may have to pay a reactivation fee for the purpose.

b. Confirm Number Transfer Eligibility

Also, you have to confirm that your number is eligible to port out to the new network. A mobile number is active doesn’t mean that it is automatically eligible for transfer to a new network.

For instance, a number may not be eligible for transfer if there is no interconnection agreement between MetroPCS and the new network. This is especially true for wireline to wireless porting.

Note that this doesn’t apply for wireless to wireless port out, because you can port out a wireless number regardless of if the new network has an interconnection agreement with MetroPCS or not.

c. Unlock MetroPCS Device

If you want to use your MetroPCS-locked device in the new network, you have to make sure the device is unlocked. MetroPCS will unlock any device that meets the network’s unlocking requirements. Check this post on MetroPCS unlocks policy requirements.

Information You Need To Port Out Number From MetroPCS

For MetroPCS to approve a port-out request there is some information they will request. You submit this information to the new network and not directly to MetroPCS. The information includes:

a. MetroPCS Account Number

The account number is the 9-digit code attached to your MetroPCS account. Check out this post on ways to find your account number.

b. MetroPCS Transfer PIN

The transfer PIN is the same as the account security PIN. This PIN adds an extra layer of security to your account. MetroPCS will request this PIN when you want to make major changes to your account. That includes when you want to transfer a number to a new network.

Check this post on how to find your account transfer PIN.

Step-To-Step MetroPCS Port-out Guide

Armed with the details above, it’s time to start the port-out process. The next step to take is to contact the porting department of the new network, or the customer support department.

Request port-in your number to the network. You will be required to submit details from the MetroPCS account the account number, transfer PIN, and other personal details. Enter the details and double check there are no errors in your information before you submit the details.

The new network will in turn contact MetroPCS and request to release your number for port-out. MetroPCS will go through the details submitted by the new network and will release your number after confirming the details.

Your role in the entire process is to submit your MetroPCS account details to the new network. The new network will undertake the remaining steps required to transfer your number to their network.

How Long Will It Take To Port Number From MetroPCS?

It will depend on if the number transfer is for a wireline (landline) or wireless number. It takes 3 to 48 hours to port out a wireless number. On the other hand, it can take up to 7 days to transfer a landline.

Will MetroPCS Charge To Port-Out Number?

It is free to port out your number from MetroPCS to any other network. The only more you may pay is any outstanding bill accruing in your MetroPCS account while using the network service.

What To Do After Porting Number From MetroPCS

After the port-out process is complete, the new network will contact MetroPCS to cancel your service and account on the network. But it is advisable to contact MetroPCS customer support to confirm your service has been canceled.

This is to prevent continuous billing especially if the Auto payment method is active on your MetroPCS account.  


Transferring a number from MetroPCS is easier than most people make it look. All you have to do is to gather the vital port-out details from your MetroPCS account.

Submit the details to a new network and request to port into the network. The new network will complete the entire process on your behalf. 

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