8 Ways To Fix Mint Mobile Activation Problems

Last Updated on October 9, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

When you migrate from another network to Mint Mobile or you are a new subscriber, you are required to activate your SIM Card. 

If you have completed the activation process and you are still experiencing activation issues with your Mint Mobile SIM Card, this post is for you. 

Summary of some troubleshooting tips to fix the issue includes: check for network coverage in your location, try the activation process again, and update the firmware on your device.

This post explains in detail why your network is having the activation issue, and troubleshooting tips to apply to fix the issue. 

Why Am I Having an Issue With Activating My Mint Mobile Network?

These are some of the possible reasons why you are experiencing the Mint Mobile activation problems.

a. Activation Failure

First, it could be that you didn’t follow the right process to complete the SIM Card activation. Also, it could be that despite following the right activation procedure, the activation didn’t go through.

The solution here is to repeat the activation process. Check the later part of this post on the right way to activate your Mint Mobile SIM Card.

b. No Mint Mobile Network Coverage

We mentioned earlier that Mint Mobile uses the T-Mobile towers to offer its network service to subscribers. This means that they have nationwide coverage. Despite that, there are locations where the Mint Mobile network signal is poor or not available.

If you are in a location with no Mint Mobile network, you can’t access the network service despite completing the activation process.

c. Issue With Cell Phone

 There may be two main issues with your cell phone that are affecting your activation process. First, it could be that your phone is locked with another carrier. Secondly, it could be that your phone is not compatible with the Mint Mobile compatible device.

If your cell phone is locked to another carrier, you have to unlock the cell phone before you can activate it with another network.

d. SIM Card Issue

It could be that your cell phone does not recognize the Mint Mobile SIM Card. That means your SIM Card is not compatible with your Cell phone.

e. Incomplete Transfer Process

If you are transferring from another network to Mint Mobile, you need to complete the transfer process first. Starting the activation process on Mint Mobile when the transfer from your previous network is not complete will affect the activation process.

Ways to Fix The Mint Mobile Activation Problems

These are some of the possible ways to fix the Mint Mobile activation problems.

a. Confirm Transfer Completion

If you are transferring into the Mint Mobile network from another network, you have to confirm the activation process is complete. First, make sure your service is still active with your previous network for the duration of the transfer process.

Also, check the details you entered for the transfer to ensure they are correct. That includes your name; transfer PIN, account number, and address.

Also, contact your previous carrier’s customer support to help facilitate the transfer process.

b. Check For Network Coverage

Check the Mint Mobile Coverage Map for locations with the network coverage. Confirm that your current location is within the network’s coverage area. You can also contact their customer support to confirm the network coverage in your area.

If you are outside the network’s coverage area, you may need to wait till you get to a location within the coverage area to try the activation process.

c. Check Your Cell Phone

First, make sure your phone is not locked to any other carrier. If your cell phone is locked, contact the carrier to unlock your phone.

Then go through this cellphone compatibility page on Mint’s site. Enter your cellphone’s brand and model or IMEI number and click on ‘Check Phone’. You can get your phone’s IMEI number by dialing *#06#. 

d. Repeat The Activation Process

If you have waited for the normal activation period and your SIM Card has not been activated, you can try the process again. For the steps below to complete the activation process:

Activate Mint Mobile SIM Card

. Check the back of your SIM Card to get the 11-digit Mint Mobile code activation code. The code will be sent to your email if you are using an e-SIM. Copy down the code where you can get it handy and process it with the next steps below.

. Insert the Mint Mobile SIM Card into your cell phone.

. Visit the ACTIVATION LINK on your personal computer. Another option is to connect your smartphone to a wireless network and download the Mint Mobile app. Open the app and tap on the activation link.

. Enter the 11-digit code you copied down earlier or the code sent to your email.

. You will be given two options, that is to stick to your old number, or opt for a new number. Select your preferred option.

. Enter your correct billing information on the next page.

. Setup the APN Settings for your cell phone. Note that the setting for Android is different from that of iPhone. Follow this guide to complete the APN setup.

. Restart your cellphone to complete the activation process.

e. Check Your SIM Card

If at this point, nothing has worked so far, it’s time to check your SIM Card. Remove your SIM Card and check for cracks and damages especially on the side with the chip.

Check your phone’s SIM tray for damages too. Try swapping the SIM Card to another cell phone to see if it will work. If it works, then it means there’s an issue with your SIM tray.

f. Clear Cache On Cellphone

Clearing the cache on your cell phone helps to troubleshoot your device and clear minor glitches. The process can help resolve the SIM Card activation issue. Follow the steps below to clear the cache on your mobile device:

. Switch your mobile device.

. Press and hold the ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Power’ buttons on your device.

. Release the power button when you see the device logo, while still holding down the volume button.

. On the ‘Android System Recovery’ page, scroll to ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ using the volume buttons, and select the option using the power button.

. Select ‘Reboot System Now’ after to power on your device.

g. Update Your Phone’s Firmware

Firmware is the software that powers the major hardware part of your smartphone. Most brands release updated versions of firmware from time to time.

There is a need to make sure that your smartphone is always running on the latest firmware version. To update the firmware on your device:

. Connect your device to a wireless network.

. Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘About Phone’.

. If there is a software update available, you will see the ‘Update’ option.

. Select ‘update’ and ‘Install System Software’

. Wait a few minutes for the software to install and update on your mobile device.

h. Contact Mint Mobile Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the tips in this post and none have worked so far, it’s time to contact Mint Mobile’s customer support. Call Mint Mobile’s customer support at 1-800-683-7392.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Mint Mobile Take To Activate?

Activating a Mint Mobile SIM on a new number takes less than 15 minutes to complete. If you are transferring a number from another carrier to Mint Mobile, the entire process may take up to 24 hours.

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