8 Tips To Fix The Cricket Wireless Activation Problems

Last Updated on November 30, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

The first thing to do after you get a new Cricket Wireless SIM card or port your number to the network is to activate your number.

After the activation process, you can send and receive texts, make calls; use the mobile data and enjoy other Cricket Wireless services.

Without activating your SIM card, you can’t enjoy these services. But you have the option of connecting your smartphone to a wireless network and accessing the internet with your device.

Thankfully, the activation process is easy and takes less than 15 minutes to complete on the network’s site.

If you have tried the activation process and you are experiencing issues with your Cricket SIM or network, this post is for you. You will understand why your activation didn’t go through and steps to take to resolve the issue.

Why Am I Experiencing Cricket Wireless Activation Problems?

a. Incompatible Phone

One of the issues you may be having issues with activating Cricket Wireless SIM on your phone may be because your phone is compatible. If you are bringing your device to the Cricket Wireless network, your phone must be compatible to work with the network.

b. Cell Phone Locked

If your cell phone is locked to another network carrier, you can’t use the same to activate your Cricket Wireless line. You need to make sure the phone is unlocked before you can activate it on the Cricket network.

c. Network Issue

Cricket uses AT&T network towers to provide services to subscribers. AT&T has nationwide coverage but there are some locations where the network signal is either poor or no longer exists.

If you are outside the Cricket Wireless network coverage area, you can’t activate your SIM Card. Your option is to wait till you move to an area with the network coverage.

d. Incorrect Activate Process

It could be that you didn’t follow the due procedure required to complete the Cricket Activation process. Or the activation wasn’t successful even after you followed the activated process.

You need to repeat the activation process in this instance. Don’t worry; this post will guide you through the activation process.

e. Incomplete Transfer Process

If you are transferring your line from another carrier to the Cricket Network, you need to complete the transfer process.

You can only proceed to activate your line with your new carrier after you complete the transfer process. So, it could be that the transfer process is not complete from your previous network.

f. Issue With SIM Card

It could be that there’s a crack or damage to your SIM Card. Or that your SIM Card is not compatible with your cell phone.

Ways To Fix Cricket Wireless Activation Problems

a. Check The Transfer Process

If you are transferring your line from another carrier, you have to confirm the transfer process with your previous carrier. That may entail contacting their customer support to speed up the transfer process.

Also, check the details you entered while registering for the transfer process to confirm they are correct. Incorrect transfer details may affect the transfer process.

Note: Don’t cancel your service with the previous carrier until the transfer process is complete. You can’t complete the transfer process if you cancel your service. Your service will automatically be canceled with your previous carrier when the transfer process is complete.

b. Check For Network Signal.

Check the Cricket Wireless coverage map to know areas with strong network signals. To confirm there is a Cricket Wireless network in your current location, enter your address or ZIP code in the search bar.

If there is no network signal in your current location, you have to wait till you get to an area with a network signal. If there is a Cricket network signal in your location, try other steps below to fix the activation issue.

c. Confirm Cell Phone Compatibility

Go through the list of Cricket Network compatibility devices here and check if your device meets the compatibility requirements. Also, if your phone is locked to another network, contact the network carrier to unlock your phone. You may have to pay the carrier a small fee to unlock your phone.

d. Check Your SIM Card

Check the Cricket Wireless SIM Card for damages and cricket. Remove the SIM Card from the SIM tray, turn the side with the chip and check for cracks. Also, check the SIM tray for damages. Try using the SIM Card on another phone, if it works, then it means the issue is from your cell phone.

e. Try Activating Your SIM Card

Activating your Cricket Wireless is quite easy. The activation process depends on how you got your Cricket Wireless SIM Card and phone. You activate a SIM Card and phone bought online differently from a SIM Card bought from a Non-cricket retailer.

How To Activate Cricket SIM Card Online

If you purchased your Cricket SIM Card online, follow the steps below to activate the line.

. Check the confirmation email for your phone number and order number. Keep both numbers handy.

. Insert the SIM card into your cell phone.

. Visit the ACTIVATION LINK on your Personal Computer.

. Enter your 4-digit PIN and enter other details required.

. Note that Cricket will automatically activate your line 8 days after the product is shipped out to you.

How To Activate Cricket SIM Card Purchased From Non-Cricket Retailer

If you purchased your Cricket Phone and SIM card from a retail shop like Target, Walmart, and Amazon, follow the steps below to activate the line.

. Check the SIM card pack for your ICCID number. The code is a 22-digit number that comes with your SIM card’s package.

. Next, check your phone to get your phone’s IMEI number. To get IMEI on an Android phone: ‘Settings’> ‘About Phone’> ‘Check IMEI’. To get IMEI on iPhone: ‘Settings’> ‘General’> ‘About’> ‘Check IMEI’. Another way to check the IMEI is to dial *#06# on your phone.

. Go to Cricket Wireless Activation Link. You will find the ‘Yes Sign Me Up’ and ‘No I Have A Cricket Account’ options. Click on the Sign me up option if you are a new customer.

. Enter your ‘IMEI’ and ICCID’ numbers and click on ‘Continue’.

. Select a plan and additional services and click on Continue.

. Select from the options Get A Cricket Phone or Transfer Your Number.

Click on Check Out and enter your contact information and click on Register For Online Account.

. Create a PIN and select a security question.

. Enter your Billing Address and Payment Method and Credit/Debit Card details

. Review your information and Click on Place Order. Select Activate to complete the process.

. Insert your SIM card and click before you select Activate.

f. Update Firmware On Your Smartphone

It is advisable to ensure that your device is running on the latest firmware version always. To update the firmware on your device:

. Connect your device to a wireless network.

. Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘About Phone’.

. If there is a software update available, you will see the ‘Update’ option.

. Select ‘update’ and ‘Install System Software

. Wait a few minutes for the software to install and update on your mobile device.

g. Clear Cache On Phone

Clearing the cache on your device is a troubleshooting process that helps to resolve minor glitches and enhance the performance of your device. The process can help resolve the SIM Card activation issue. Follow the steps below to clear the cache on your mobile device:

. Switch your mobile device.

. Press and hold the ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Power’ buttons on your device.

. Release the power button when you see the device logo, while still holding down the volume button.

. On the ‘Android System Recovery’ page, scroll to ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ using the volume buttons, and select the option using the power button.

. Select ‘Reboot System Now’ after to power on your device.

h. Contact Cricket Wireless Customer Support

The last option is to contact the Cricket Wireless tech support team. The customer support person will help you resolve the issue with your SIM card. Contact their customer support at +1-800-274-2538. 

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