Optus Payment Extension: Guide To Apply For Optus Pay Extension

Last Updated on October 29, 2022 by Ron D. Morgan

Optus network charges $15 as a late payment fee. Thankfully, there are options available to avoid this fee even when you don’t pay your bill on the due date.

One of the options available is to apply for the Optus payment extension. Optus network, via their payment extension option, gives customers a grace period to pay their bills after the due date.

This post will explain how the Optus payment extension works. Also, you will learn how to apply for a payment extension.

First, let’s explain how the Optus billing cycle works.

Understanding Optus Billing Cycle?

Like most networks, Optus has a 30-day billing cycle. In other words, your Optus account is billed every 30 days. The date starts counting from the date you first subscribed to the plan.

To understand this better, let’s pick a date to explain better. For instance, if you first subscribe to a new Optus plan on the 2nd of February, the bill will be from the 2nd of February to the 1st of March. You will receive your next bill on the 2nd of March.

Most Optus paper or e-invoice bills come with a billing date or invoice period on the header. So you don’t need to keep track of the billing period. The important detail to keep track of on your Optus bill is your bill due date.

When Is Optus Bill Due Date?

Your Optus bill due date is the date Optus expected you to pay your bill. It is advisable to pay your current bill on or before your bill’s due date.

Note that the due date is different from the date the bill was issued. Most times, the bill due date is 14 days after the issue date. Check your bill to confirm the due date of the current bill. The due date is usually below the ‘Total Amount Due’ in your bill.

Understanding How The Optus Payment Extension Work

Optus grants customers that apply a payment extension, which is a new date to pay their bill after the due date. If you apply for a payment extension, you will continue to enjoy your full Optus service without restrictions during the grace period.

Your service will continue to run without restriction or need to pay a late payment fee if you pay your bill during the grace period.

How To Apply For Optus Payment Extension?

Optus does not automatically grant a customer a payment extension. The customer has to apply for a payment extension. It is best to apply for the payment extension before your current bill’s due date.

Check out below how to apply for an Optus payment extension via the mobile app.

. Launch the My Optus App on your smartphone.

. Enter your account details to log into your account.

. Tap on the ‘Billing’ option

. Select ‘Payment Extension

. Tap on ‘Extension Date’.

. You will see a list of available new dates to pay your bill. Select any of the dates.

. Optus will send you a confirmation of your new bill date via SMS or email.

Note that the payment extension option is not available for newer Optus Choice Plus plan subscribers. Also, this option is not available if you set up the automatic payment option.

If you set up an Automatic Payment plan, Optus will send you a 10-day notice before restricting your account. The 10-day notice period will serve as your grace period.

How Long Is The Optus Payment Extension?

Optus doesn’t have a general extension time for all customers. When applying for a payment extension, Optus will give you new date options to choose from. The date you select will become your new due date. Your account will not be restricted till the new due date.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Optus Bill After The Grace Period?

Optus expects you to pay your bill within the grace period. That is on or before the new due date you selected when you applied for your payment extension. If you still can’t pay your bill by the new due date, Optus will send you a notice to remind you of your outstanding bill.

The notification will be sent via SMS or email. The notice will contain a date that Optus will restrict your account if you continue to default in your payment.

If you still fail to pay your bill, Optus will restrict your account. When your Optus mobile account is restricted, you can’t make calls or send a text. Also, your mobile data speed will be limited. But you can call emergency numbers, and can receive calls and texts.

If you pay your bill at this time, Optus will charge an extra $15 to your account as a late payment fee.

When you continue to default in your payment, Optus will send you a second notice. Also, the second notice will contain the date that Optus intends to suspend your account.

The notice will be sent via SMS or email. If you continue to default, Optus will suspend your account.

When Optus suspends your account, you can make or receive calls, and neither can you send or receive texts. Also, you won’t use your mobile data but you can call emergency numbers.

Optus will charge you a reconnection fee if you want to reactivate your account.


Optus grants an extension period to customers who can’t pay before the bill due date. You have to apply for an extension. This post has explained the entire process involved in applying for a payment extension on Optus.

Also, the latter part of this post explained what will happen to your account if you continue to default on your payment after the due date. You can avoid this by setting up an automatic payment for your plan.

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