What Happens If I Pay Off My T-Mobile Phone Early?

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T-Mobile, via its Equipment Installment Plan (EIP), allows subscribers to purchase phones on contract and pay over time. The EIP payment duration is 24 months.

This means that your payment is spread into little monthly payments paid over a period of 24 months. The payment time is 12 months for devices that cost less than $49.

Unlike what most people think, there is an option to pay off your T-Mobile phone early. This option comes with some benefits.

This post explains how to pay off your T-Mobile phone early. You will also learn the options available to you after you pay off your phone early.

Can I Pay Off T-Mobile Phone Early

Yes. T-Mobile allows you to pay off your phone early. You can make a one-time payment to clear the remaining balance on your Equipment Installment Plan.

Note that if you opt for this option, you can only clear your bill with one payment. You can’t pay with multiple installment payments.

How To Pay Off T-Mobile Phone Early

As mentioned earlier, T-Mobile gives you the option to pay off the remaining balance in your EIP. Follow the steps below to complete the payment process.

. Launch the T-Mobile App on your smartphone.

. Enter your Phone Number/ Email/ Username and Password to log into your account.

. Tap on the Bill option.

. Scroll down the options and select Equipment Installation Plans.

. On the new page, you will see the Device Name and Remaining Balance on your plan.

. Select Make Payment.

In the option for Payment Amount, tap on the Pay EIP In Full option or enter the Full Amount.

. In the Pay With option below, you can either opt to Pay With Existing Card or pay with New Credit Card. If you opt to pay with new card details, follow the onscreen instructions to enter your credit card details.

. Click on Next. Go through your payment details and confirm they are accurate. Select Accept & Submit.

. Viola!!! You have completed the payoff process.

What Happens If I Pay Off My T-Mobile Phone Early

These are some of the options you have after you pay off your T-Mobile phone early.

a. Eligible For Phone Unlock

T-Mobile financed phones are locked. This means that the phones are programmed to work on the T-Mobile network alone. You can’t use a different carrier’s SIM card on the phone.

The good thing about the T-Mobile network is that they unlock your phone once your phone is eligible to be unlocked. One of the criteria for unlocking the phone is that you have to pay off your Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) balance.

You can request for T-Mobile to unlock your device even if you have some balance remaining on your EIP.

The Federal Communication Commission mandates T-Mobile and other carriers to process any request to unlock any phone, even if the customer has outstanding payments.

T-Mobile will send you a bill containing your outstanding balance when you place a request to unlock your phone or cancel your account.

b. Upgrade Phone

You have the option to upgrade your current phone after you pay off your current phone plan. With the T-Mobile Jump, you don’t need to pay the entire balance on your current phone. You are eligible for an upgrade after you pay 50% of your current phone balance.

c. Enjoy Low Monthly Bills

The reason why your current T-Mobile monthly bill is high is that the Company add your EIP monthly payment to your bill. After you pay off your phone early, your monthly bill will automatically reduce.

You will still be getting monthly bills from T-Mobile to cover your other services like call minutes and mobile data plan. But the bill will be significantly lower.

What Happens If I Cancel My T-Mobile Plan Before Paying Off My Phone?

You can request for T-Mobile to cancel your plan or account before you pay off your phone. After canceling your account, T-Mobile will send you a final bill.

The final bill will include any outstanding bill, including the remaining EIP balance. T-Mobile sends the final bill in your next bill cycle or 14 days after your account is canceled.

Can I Sell A Phone That Is Not Paid Off On T-Mobile?

You can sell your T-Mobile phone before it is paid off but it is not advisable to do so. If you sell off the phone before you pay off the remaining balance, you are required to continue paying the balance.

T-Mobile will blacklist the phone if you fail to keep up with your monthly payment after you sell the phone, and you will have issues with the new owner.

The best option is to make a one-time payment to pay off the remaining balance on your phone plan. Request for T-Mobile to unlock the phone, and then sell the phone. Selling an unlocked phone fetches you a higher sales price too.


Paying off your T-Mobile Equipment Install Plan (EIP) is advisable if you have the financial capacity. This post has explained some of the advantages you get to enjoy when you pay off your phone early. It also explains the process of paying off your phone early.

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