Pure Talk Account Number And PIN: Get In Minutes

Last Updated on July 11, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Porting your number from Pure Talk to another mobile provider doesn’t have to be as difficult as most people make it seem. The most important step in the process is to gather your account details.

These are the details you submit to the new mobile provider to port in your number. The account details are your Pure Talk account number, Transfer PIN, Address, and ZIP code.

You can get the other details in your online account. But for the account number and transfer PIN, you have to contact customer support to get the details.

Continue reading this post to learn the steps involved in getting your Pure Talk port out details from customer support.

How To Get Your Pure Talk Transfer PIN

First, it’s important to explain what the transfer PIN is and why it is important in the number port out process.

The Pure Talk transfer PIN adds an extra layer of protection to your phone number. The PIN helps to prevent unauthorized number port-out requests from scammers.

To get your Pure Talk transfer PIN, contact customer support at 877-820-7873. It is advisable to call in from your Pure Talk number for a fast response.

You can call in from another number but you will have to verify that you are the primary account holder to get the transfer PIN. To save yourself the stress, call from your Pure Talk line.  

How To Get Pure Talk Account Number

The Pure Talk account is the 12-digit code the network assigned to your account during your activation process. It is the other details you need to port your number.

For other mobile providers, you can easily find your account number on your mobile bill or your online account. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the Pure Talk network.

To get your Pure Talk account number, you also have to contact customer support. Contact customer support at 877-820-7873 and request your account number.

Can’t Find the Pure Talk Account Number Or Transfer PIN

There is little need to worry if you can’t find your Pure Talk account number or transfer PIN. You can easily contact customer support once more to get those details. It’s best to reach out to customer support only when you are ready to start the port-out process.

Other Details To Port Number From Pure Talk

As mentioned, you also need your address and ZIP code to complete the Pure Talk port out process. The address you submit to the new mobile provider should match the address on your Pure Talk account.

If you’ve moved address, update the address on your Pure Talk account before you start the port-out process.

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