Rogers Port Number: Quick Guide To Port Number To Rogers

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Rogers makes it easy for you to port your number from any network to its network. With this process, you can port both your mobile number and landline to the network.

To port your number to the Rogers network, you have the option to complete the process online yourself.

Other options available are to either call the Rogers customer support number or visit a Rogers store near you. This post will focus on the online process.

In a nutshell, to port your number to the Rogers network online, activate a temporary Rogers number. Then log into your Rogers account to complete the port our process.

This port will serve as a complete guide to complete the port out process both online and offline.

Getting Ready To Port Number To Rogers Network

There are some steps you have to take to make the number port process to the Rogers network seamless. Below are some of the steps:

a. Unlock and Update Phone

If you plan to purchase a new phone from Rogers store, skip this step.

But if you plan on bringing your own phone to the network, you have to first ensure that the phone is unlocked. Rogers network won’t allow you to activate a phone that is locked to any other carrier on their network.

If your device is locked to another network, contact the carrier to unlock your device. You may have to pay an unlocking fee if the device doesn’t meet the free unlocking requirements.

Also, you have to update the firmware on your phone. This applies to both new and old phones. The steps to update the firmware on your device depend on the phone’s make and brand.

But for most phones, this process works. Go to Settings> General> Software Update> Install Now> Passcode. For other phones, the process goes to Settings> About Phone> Install Software> Download and Install> Restart phone.

b. Active Account

Some people make the mistake of canceling their account with their previous carrier before the port-out process goes through. This will stall your number transfer process.

The right thing to do is to keep your number active with your previous carrier until the number transfer process is complete.

Cancel your account only after your number becomes active on the Rogers network.

Details You Need To Port Number To Rogers Network

During the Port-in process, Rogers network will request some details from you. The network will request you to provide either one of these details below:

a. Account Number

All carriers assign an account number to subscribers on the network. The account number is usually assigned to the account during or after the activation process.

For most carriers, you can find the account number on your online account or dashboard. For other carriers, you can either find the account number on your monthly bill or contact customer support to get the account number.

b. Account PIN

Same with the account number, you will need your account PIN to complete this process. The account PIN is usually the 4-digit PIN you set up during the activation process on your previous network.

If you can’t find the PIN, contact your previous carrier’s customer support department to generate a new PIN for you.

c. Device IMEI Number

This is the unique ID number of your device. It is another detail you need to port a number to the Rogers number. Thankfully, you don’t have to contact anyone to get this number. Dial *#06# on your device to get this number.

How To Port Number To Rogers Network Online

Below are the either steps to port a number from another carrier to Rogers network online:

. Visit any Rogers store near you to purchase a SIM card. The SIM card is already pre-activated with a temporary number for you.

. Simply insert the SIM card into your phone to activate your temporary number.

. Use the email address you go during your account registrations to complete the other steps below.

. Visit the Rogers Self-serve page. Enter the Email and password you used to create your account to sign into your account.

. Click on Manage besides your temporary number.

. Click on the Transfer My Existing Phone Number link on the dashboard.

. Enter the Phone Number and click on Check Eligibility to confirm if your number is eligible to transfer to the Rogers network.

. Enter either of the following details Account Number/ Account PIN/ Device IMEI Number and click on Confirm. For landline, you have to enter your Service Address and Billing Name.

. Review the information you entered last time and click on Submit.

. You will receive a confirmation SMS from Rogers on the number you are transferring to the network. Text ‘YES’ to the sender’s number within 90 minutes of receiving the text.

How To Port Number To Rogers Network Offline

Visit any Rogers store in your location and request to port your number to the network. Remember to go with the phone you want to bring to the network, along with your account details from your previous carrier.

Also, go with a Credit Card because you will need to pay for a Rogers SIM card and an activation fee.

What Type Of Lines Can You Port To Rogers Network?

Rogers network allows you to port both mobile numbers and landline to the network. Note that you can’t port pager numbers or even special numbers to the network.

How Long Does It Take To Port Number To Rogers Network?

This will depend on the type of number you are transferring to the network. If you are transferring a landline, the process can take up to two business days.

For a mobile number, the number should be active within three hours on the Rogers network.

How Much Does It Cost To Port Number To Rogers Network?

If you complete the port-in process yourself online, the process is entirely free. But if you visit a Rogers store to handle the process for you, you may need to pay an activation fee.

What To Do After You Port Number To Rogers Network?

After the port-out process is complete, it is advisable to contact your previous carrier one last time to ensure they cancel your account.

Also, if you have any pending bill or payment with the network, you will receive a final bill in the next billing period. Ensure you pay off the outstanding bill.

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