Shaw Modem Flashing Green Light Not Internet? Guide To Fix

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During and after the Shaw modem setup process, you will notice different lights. Each light is an indication of the network or connection status of your modem. If everything works fine after you set up your Shaw modem, there is no need to worry about the lights.

But let’s assume that your Shaw modem is flashing green light and you want to understand what the green light means, this post is for you. 

In a nutshell, if your Shaw modem is flashing green light, it is an indication that your modem is searching for a network. It is advisable to wait for 15 seconds to allow the modem to establish a connection to the network.

If after 15 seconds, the modem is still flashing green light, you can take steps to troubleshoot your modem. Check This post on Shaw modem flashing orange

What Does The Green Light On Shaw Modem Indicate?

Before going through the process of troubleshooting your modem, you need to understand what the green light on your modem means. What the green light on your modem indicates depends on if the light is stable or flashing.

Below is a breakdown of the green light on your Shaw modem.

a. Shaw Modem Flashing Green Light

As we mentioned earlier, if your Shaw modem is flashing green light, it is an indication that it is searching for a network. Everything being equal, it takes 5 to 15 seconds for your modem to locate and connect to the network.

b. Shaw Modem Showing Solid Green

A solid green light on your Shaw modem indicates that the modem is connected to the network. You can connect any of your devices to the network and access the internet.

c. Shaw Modem Flashing Green Light When Connected To Ethernet

If you use an Ethernet cable to connect your modem and the modem is flashing green light, it is also an indication that the connection is working.

From the explanation above, you know that your modem showing green light does not mean that there is an issue with your modem. It becomes a problem if your Shaw modem is flashing green light and can’t connect to the network after 15 seconds. 


Ways To Fix Shaw Modem Flashing Green

a. Restart Modem

The first step to fixing the issue is to restart your Shaw modem. In more technical terms, you perform a power cycle on your modem.

The process is not as complicated as it sounds. It involves switching off your device and draining battery life before you restart the device. The process comes in handy to fix any minor glitch on your device.

Follow the steps below to perform the process on your Shaw modem:

. Press the Power Button on your modem to turn it off the modem.

. Remove the power adapter from the power source.

. Wait for 60 seconds.

. Plug back the power adapter and turn on your modem.

. Wait for your modem to reboot and check the green light.

In most instances, this simple process will fix the issue and get your modem working again. But in the instance where the modem still doesn’t work, you can try any of the other tips below to fix the issue.

b. Fix IP Issue:

It may be that your home network is experiencing an IP conflict issue. This can make your modem blink green but not connect to the network.

To fix this issue, you have to connect your modem straight to a Windows device. What the process does is enables your device to generate an IP address needed to connect to your modem.

After that, follow the process below to fix the IP conflict issue:

. Press the Windows Key on your keyboard to open the startup menu.

. Open the Command Prompt by typing CMD

. Press this ipconfig/release and press Enter.

. Again, Press ipconfig/renew and press Enter

After you are through with the process, it is advisable to troubleshoot your network. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

c. Troubleshoot Network

All Windows device has an inbuilt network troubleshooting tool that enables you to troubleshoot your network device and get it working. The network troubleshooting tool does perform an auto scan and resolves minor network glitches.

Follow the steps below to complete the network troubleshooting process on your windows device.

. Make sure your modem is still connected to your Windows device.

. Hover your cursor or mouse point on the Network Icon below the icon below your Home Screen.

. Select Troubleshoot Network or Troubleshoot Problems.

. The network scan will start automatically. Wait a few minutes to complete the auto-scan.

. If the result shows No Connection To DNS Server, it means that the problem is from your Internet Service Provider. Your best option is to reach out to your ISP tech support for further assistance.

d. Switch To Another LAN Port

If you are connecting to the Modem with an Ethernet cable, unplug and connect the cable to another input port on your router and the other end to your Shaw modem. Switching to another input port can fix the connection issue.

e. Reset Your Shaw Modem

Note that we kept this option this far below because we want to exhaust the other options above. Note that you may lose some prior set data when you reset your modem. 

But the process will troubleshoot your modem and restore the connection to the network. Follow the steps below to reset your Shaw modem:

. Find the reset button on your modem. The modem is the small hole behind your modem. Use a pin or any other small object to press the button. Hold the button for 20 seconds and reset the button.

. Wait for the modem to reboot.

. Check the green light status.

f. Contact Shaw Tech Support

If none of the troubleshooting tips have worked so far, it is time to contact the Shaw customer support team. The tech support person will walk you through additional steps to take to fix the issue. Call Shaw technical support at 1-888-472-2222 or their contact us page.

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