Shaw Modem Flashing Orange? Guide To Fix

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When you power your Shaw modem after the setup, you will notice some tiny LED lights on the modem. The LED lights are there to serve as an indication of the current state and functionality of your modem.

If your Shaw modem is flashing orange, there is no need to panic. It’s an indication that the modem is not connecting to the network.

This can be caused by several reasons like weather, and outdated firmware. One quick way to fix the issue is to perform a power cycle on your modem.

Continue reading to find out in detail why your Shaw modem is flashing orange lights and tips to fix the issue. This post on Shaw modem flashing green

Why Your Shaw Modem Is Flashing Orange Light

These are some of the possible reasons why your Shaw modem is flashing orange light.

a. Firmware Download In Progress

If the amber or orange light is flashing on your Shaw modem, it could be that the firmware update is in progress. Firmware is the software programmed to power some hardware functionalities on any device.

For a modem, the firmware controls its network functionality. Shaw modem manufacturer does release firmware updates with better security and functionality. There is a need to ensure that the firmware is always up to date.

Thankfully, the Shaw modem is made to update firmware automatically. When the orange light is blinking, it could be that the device is downloading a new version of the software.

b. Network Outage

The other reason could be that there is no network connection in your location. It is either you are out of network range or there is temporary network downtime. The temporary problem can be caused by extreme weather conditions.

c. Issue With Modem Splitter

If you are using a modem splitter, the issue could be from the splitter. The splitter is the device that splits cable signals. It is used to connect the internet or cable network to different locations in your house.

If the splitter is cut or damaged, it will affect the internet connectivity. Thus, your modem will start flashing yellow to indicate a network issue.

d. Damaged Device

The issue may be from the Shaw modem itself. It could be that the device is damaged beyond repair or the device is outdated.

Your option here is to return the modem to Shaw. If the product is still within the warranty period, Shaw will send you a new modem to replace the broken one.


Ways To Fix The Shaw Modem Flashing Orange Issue

So far, we have listed some of the possible issues that can cause your modem to flash an orange light. This section will outline some possible methods you can apply to fix the issue.

a. Wait It Out

Surprisingly, waiting it out may be the solution you need to fix the issue. If the firmware update is in progress or the weather is bad, you can only wait it out at this point.

For the firmware update, wait for 15 minutes. For network outages caused by bad weather, you can wait for the weather to stabilize a bit.

If after 30 minutes, the device is still flashing modem light; it’s time to take steps to resolve the issue.

b. Perform A Power Cycle On the Device

Most times, performing a power cycle on your Shaw modem can fix the issue. The power cycle process simply means rebooting the device.

The process will fix a minor glitch on your device that is affecting network functionality. Follow the steps below to perform a power cycle on your Shaw modem.

. Unplug your Shaw modem power cord from the power outlet. If you are using a third-party router, unplug the cord from the router.

. Wait for 60 seconds, and plug back the modem cord to the power outlet.

. Wait for the modem to reboot. Connect a device to the network and try accessing the internet. Also, check to see if the amber light is still blinking.

c. Check For Shaw Network Downtime

If the orange light is still flashing after you’ve rebooted your device, it’s time to check for a network outage. It could be that your location is experiencing temporary downtime.

To confirm if there is a downtime in your location, visit the Shaw Service Update page. Enter your region and click on Search. You will get updates on network outages in your location.

If you confirm that there is a network outage in your location, you just have to wait it out.

d. Check The Modem Splitter

Next, you need to check the modem splitters. Check for damages on the splitter. If the splitter is damaged, you have to order a replacement.

Or you can connect the internet cable directly to your Shaw modem.

f. Check Plugged In Cables

Check the cable that connects your PC and modem. Also, check the damage on the cable. Also check to see if the cable is loose, especially the coaxial cable that runs from the power source to your modem.

Unplug and plug back the cable. Replace any damaged cables and tighten loose cables.

g. Factory Reset Your Shaw Modem

The final option is to perform a factory reset on your modem. The factory reset process will fix any internet connection issue. But note that the process will wipe most of the prior settings. That includes the modem username and password.

You have to enter the configurations again after the process. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

Reset Shaw Modem

. Check for the reset button on your modem. The reset button is the small pin-hole on the back of your modem.

. Insert a pin or clip inside the pin-hole and hold for 30 seconds.

. Wait for the modem to reset and reboot.

. Connect your device to the network and try connecting to the internet.

h. Contact Shaw Tech Support

If none of the steps have worked so far, the last resort is to contact Shaw tech support. The tech support person will walk you through additional steps to take to fix the issue.

Call Shaw’s customer support on 1-888-472-2222 or reach out via their Contact Us page

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