Simple Mobile Change Number: Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on January 16, 2024 by Ron D. Morgan

Most people think that to change your Simple Mobile phone number, you must purchase a new SIM card. That is not entirely true. You can also change your current Simple Mobile phone number without purchasing a SIM card.

To change your Simple Mobile phone number, contact customer support and request a new number. After you verify your account, you will be assigned a new number in your area code.

That is the summary of the process. Continue reading this post to understand the step to step process involved in changing your phone number.

This post covers answers to some of the frequently asked questions you may have on changing your phone number.

Prepare To Change a Simple Mobile Phone Number

Before you contact Simple Mobile customer support to change your number, you need to put some things in place first. The network won’t approve your request to change your number without these in place:

a. Number Assigned To You

You can only request to change your phone number. The network will only approve your request if you are the primary account holder. In other words, the network won’t approve a request to change a number assigned to another customer.

b. Account Active

Your Simple Mobile account must be active for the network to approve your request. Simple Mobile won’t approve your request if your account is not active.

If your account is suspended for any reason, first, contact support to reactivate your account. You will have to pay any pending bill in addition to a reconnection fee to get your account active again.

c. Save Voicemail

You will lose all your current voicemail messages after you get assigned a new phone number. So, it is advisable to go through your current voicemail messages and save the important details.

Steps To Change Simple Mobile Phone Number

Here is a breakdown of the steps to change your Simple Mobile phone number:

a. Contact Simple Mobile Customer Support

First, you contact Simple Mobile customer support and request to change your phone number. You can either contact support by calling 1-877-878-7908 or via online chat on their site.

If you contact support via call, it is advisable to call with the Simple Mobile phone number you want to change.

On the other hand, if you contact support via online chat, select I am a customer, then enter your phone’s IMEI. A support assistant will join the chat shortly.

c. Verify Account

After that, you will have to verify your account. The network does this to ensure that it’s the primary account holder that is requesting to change the number.

You may receive a code to your Simple Mobile phone number. Call the code to the support person to verify your account.

c. Wait It Out

Finally, you have to wait for the support person to process your request and assign a new number to your account. You will receive a confirmation email or SMS when your new number is active.

How Much Does It Cost To Change Number On Simple Mobile?

It is free to change your phone number on Simple Mobile. The network will process your request at no cost at all as long as you are the primary account number.

How Long Does It Take To Change Number On Simple Mobile?

Thankfully, the process is short and seamless. You will get your new number 30 minutes after contacting customer support. If after an hour you don’t get the confirmation message, please contact support again.

Can I Choose My New Phone Number?

Unfortunately, you can’t choose your new number. The network will assign a new number from the database of available. But you can choose your area code. The network will assign you a number in the area code. 

What Happens After Your Change Simple Mobile Number

After the process, share the new number with family and any other person you want to contact. Your old number will become inactive so you need to update your contact with your new phone number.

Also, set up a new Voicemail welcome message for the new number.  

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