Does T-Mobile Work In Europe? Complete Guide

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Want to know if T-Mobile works in Europe, the quick answer is, YES. You can use your T-Mobile device in most European countries including the United Kingdom (UK).

To use your T-Mobile device in Europe, you have to take advantage of the T-Mobile international roaming service by subscribing to any of their plans.

This post will explain all you need to know about using your T-Mobile device in Europe. That includes, how to opt for the plan, how much it costs, and how to opt out of the plan.

By the end of this post, you will get all the information you need about using a T-Mobile device in any European country.

Does T-Mobile Work In Europe?

Yes. T-Mobile works in Europe. Although the network doesn’t have direct coverage in any European country, the network partners with local providers to provide T-Mobile service to subscribers in the country.

To take advantage of this, you have to opt for the T-Mobile International roaming or the T-Mobile International Pass. With these plans, you can use your T-Mobile device in Europe.

How Does T-Mobile International Roaming Work?

The T-Mobile International Roaming allows you to use your T-Mobile device in over 215 countries. With this plan, you can use your mobile data, make and receive calls, and send and receive texts on your device outside the State.

With the International roaming service, you get 5GB of free mobile data monthly and unlimited calls. But your calls are charged per minute. It’s more like a Pay As You Use option.

Note that International Roaming is activated when you subscribe to some T-Mobile plans.

How Does T-Mobile International Pass Work?

The T-Mobile International Pass is another option available to use your T-Mobile device in any European country and the United Kingdom. This plan gives you more options especially when it comes to calls.

With the International Pass, you are billed daily and not as you use the service. So, once you pay for the pass for the day, you can enjoy all the service that comes with it.

For instance, if you activate the 1-day International Pass, you get to make unlimited calls, enjoy high-speed data, and send an unlimited number of SMS.

You will understand the International Pass rates and specs of each package later in the post.

How To Activate T-Mobile International Roaming?

The T-Mobile International Roaming is automatically activated once you subscribe to certain T-Mobile plans. What this means is that, as long as you are on the right plan, you simply travel with your T-Mobile device and start using it in your new location.

The T-Mobile International Roaming is available in the following plans:

. Magenta

. Magenta Plus

. T-Mobile Max

. T-Mobile Simple Choice

. T-Mobile One Plan

How To Activate T-Mobile International Pass In Europe?

You have to add the International Pass plan to your account to activate the service. Unlike the International Roaming that is automatically activated with your plans. To add the plan to your account, follow the steps below:

. Launch the T-Mobile App on your device and tap on Account.

. Tap on ‘Primary Account Holder’s Line’ and select ‘Add-Ons’.

. Scroll down the list and tap on ‘Manage Data and Add-Ons’.

. Select ‘Pass’ and click on ‘Continue

. Tap on ‘Change Date’ and select the date(s) you want the pass to run.

. Select ‘Agree & Submit’.

Using T-Mobile Data In Europe

The T-Mobile International Roaming and International Pass allow you to use your T-Mobile mobile data in Europe. With the International roaming plan, you get 5GB of mobile data for free every month. This allows you to enjoy high-speed data in 11 European countries.

For the International Pass plan, you get a certain amount of data assigned to you daily or for the duration of the plan.

The good thing about both plans is that you can use the device as a mobile hotspot and connect other devices to the network.

Calls and Texts On T-Mobile Device In Europe

T-Mobile allows you to make calls on your device while in Europe. The difference is how your account is billed when you make calls. With the International Pass, you get to make unlimited calls for free on any of the packages.

On the other hand, calls are charged per minute on the International Roaming plan.

How Much Does It Cost To Use T-Mobile In Europe?

The rate of using your T-Mobile device in Europe will depend on if you are using International Roaming or the International Pass plan. Below is the breakdown of the rates for both plans.

T-Mobile International Roaming Rates In Europe

You are entitled to a monthly free 5GB high-speed data on the International Roaming plan, and unlimited SMS. On the other hand, voice calls are charged at $0.25 per minute.

T-Mobile International Pass Rates In Europe

The International Pass is like a subscription package. You pay for the plan and enjoy the service for the duration of the package. Check below for the breakdown of the International Pass plan and the rates for each plan.

International Pass PlansRatesDurationData Allocation
1-Day Pass$51 day512 MB
Days Pass$3510 days5GB
Month Pass$5030 days15GB

How To Turn Off T-Mobile International Roaming In Europe?

If you don’t want to be charged for roaming, you can block the International roaming option in your T-Mobile app or on your device.

When you block international roaming on T-Mobile, you won’t be able to make calls, send and receive SMS or use mobile data when outside the United States.

On the other hand, when you turn off data roaming on your device, you can use all services minus mobile data.

Turn Off Data Roaming On T-Mobile Device

To turn off data roaming on Android, go to Settings> Connections> Mobile Networks> Data Roaming off.

To turn off data roaming on iPhone or iPad, go to SettingsCellular Data/ Cellular/ Mobile DataCellular Data OptionsData Roaming off.

Tips To Save Money When Using T-Mobile In Europe

a. Decide The Right Plan

First, you have to decide on the roaming plan that fits your needs. The plan you choose will depend on if you use mobile data more or if you make calls more. For instance, if you have to make more calls, then the International Pass is the right option for you.

b. Compare Local Rates

It’s advisable to compare rates when roaming your T-Mobile device to that of using the local network in the country. Opt for a local network if it’s cheaper than roaming T-Mobile.

c. Opt For a Wireless Network

You can connect to a free wireless network in certain locations in different European countries. For instance, some coffee shops give customers free wireless networks.


Have you used your T-Mobile device in Europe? Are there tips that helped you save money and enjoy the service? Drop your experience in the comment section to help other users.

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