Get T-Mobile Restocking Fee Waived: Complete Guide!!!

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T-Mobile has a restocking fee that starts at $20 and can go as high as $70 depending on the price of the product. The restocking fee applies when you return any device purchased in any T-Mobile store or on their site.

Paying an extra $70 for a product you want to return or exchange is a bit on the high side. Thankfully, there are options available to avoid the restocking fee.

In a nutshell, you can avoid the T-Mobile restocking fee by returning the product unopened or by taking advantage of the T-Mobile warranty policy.

Continue reading this post to learn more about the T-Mobile restocking and ways to get a waiver on the fee.

How Does T-Mobile Restocking Fee Work?

Generally, a restocking fee is a fee a seller charges when you return a product for exchange or refund. In this instance, T-Mobile’s restocking fee is the money T-Mobile charges you for returning a product purchased from its stores.

The restocking fee applies to all products. For this fee to apply, the customer has to return the product 14 days from the date the product was purchased. T-Mobile will charge the full price of the product if you fail to return it within the stipulated time.

Is T-Mobile Restocking Fee Legal?

For a restocking fee to be legal, the product merchant must inform the buyer ahead of time of the applicable fee. T-Mobile provides details of the restocking fee on its return policy page. So the T-Mobile restocking fee is legal.

Why Does T-Mobile Charge A Restocking Fee?

The restocking fee T-Mobile charges are to cover the price difference from reselling the returned item. Customers do remove the product seal to test the product.

This means that after return, the product can’t be sold as a new product anymore. In turn, T-Mobile sells the product for a cheaper price.

How Much Is T-Mobile Restocking Fee?

Unlike other carriers that have a flat rate for their restocking fee, T-Mobile’s restocking fee differs. The restocking fee depends on the product’s price. Here is a breakdown of T-Mobile’s restocking fee:

. Products costing $600 and more: $70 restocking fee.

. Product costing $599 to $: $40 restocking fee.

. Product costing $300 and less: $20 restocking fee.

Note that the price may be different if you purchase the product from a T-Mobile authorized retailer. It is advisable to check the seller’s return policy before purchasing a product.

When Does T-Mobile Restocking Fee Apply?

The T-Mobile restocking fee applies to all products purchased on the T-Mobile site or from any T-Mobile store near you.

Also, the fee applies regardless of if you are returning a product for an exchange or a refund. For a restocking fee to apply, these conditions must be met:

. Return the product 14 days from the date of purchase if you bought the product from a store. If you purchase the product online, the return date should be within 20 days from the date T-Mobile ships the product to you.

. The product should be returned in its original packaging.

. Include all the product’s accessories in the product box.

. The product must be in like-new condition, with no physical or water damage.

How To Avoid T-Mobile Restocking Fee?

a. Return Product With Defects

T-Mobile won’t charge you for returning a product with a defect. The T-Mobile warranty allows you to return a damaged product for a refund or exchange without incurring a restocking fee.

The damage must have occurred during the production of the product. That means that the product should have an error when the product was shipped to you.

b. Return Product With Unbroken Seal

If you didn’t open the product or break the product seal, you can return the product without being charged a restocking fee. This is because T-Mobile can restock the product as a new product.

Once you break the product seal or open the product, T-Mobile will likely charge you a restocking fee.

c. Purchase Product In Hawaii

According to the information on their site, T-Mobile does not charge a restocking fee for products purchased in Hawaii. This means that you can return any product you purchase from any T-Mobile’s store in Hawaii without paying a restocking fee.


T-Mobile’s product return policy comes with a restocking fee attached to it. This post has outlined some of the ways to avoid paying the restocking fee on your product returns.

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