Three Mobile Change Number: Quick Guide

Last Updated on March 14, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Do you know that you can change your current Three Mobile number without purchasing a new SIM pack? Three Mobile allows you to change your number with ease.

The good thing about the process is that you can complete it in 30 minutes or less and get your number active.

To change your Three Mobile number, simply visit any Three Mobile stores near you or contact the customer support department online to complete the process for you.

Continue reading this post to learn how the process works. Also, you will learn other details like the cost and duration of the process and how to verify your account during the process.

What You Need To Change A Three Mobile Phone Number?

Before contacting the network to change your number, there are some things you need to have in place first. These will make the process seamless.

a. Active Three Mobile Service

You don’t need to have an active account or service to purchase a new SIM card pack to get a new number. But if you opt to change your number with your current SIM card, you need to have an active account and plan to complete the process.

If for any reason, your account is not active or has been suspended, contact customer support first to reactivate your account.

b. Current Number Assigned To You

The current number you want to change must be assigned to you. You can’t change a phone number that is assigned to another customer. This is the reason why the network will request you to verify your number during the number change process.

How To Change Phone Number On Three Mobile Network

As mentioned earlier, there are two methods to request a number change on the network. The first method is to visit any Three Mobile stores near you, while the second method is to contact the customer support department.

Change Three Mobile Phone Number Online

.For this method, you can either use the online chat option on the Three Mobile site or call 333.

. Request to change your number.

. The customer support person will send a code to your current number. Type the code to verify your account.

. Wait for the customer support person to complete the process.

. You will receive a notification Via SMS and Email when the new number is activated.

Change Three Mobile Phone Number Offline

. To change your number offline, visit the Store Locator page.

. Enter your location in the search box.

. Click on search on ‘search’ to find a Three Mobile store in your location.

. Visit the location and request a number change. The store manager will help you complete the process.

The good thing about using the offline option is that you get to choose a new number. The store attendant will give you a list of available numbers to choose from. You don’t have this option when you choose the online option.

How Much Does It Cost To Change Number On Three Mobile?

Your first number change request will be handled for free. This means that you don’t have to pay if this is your first time requesting a number change. You have to pay for subsequent requests.

How Long Does It Take To Change The Number On Three Mobile?

Thankfully, the entire process is quick. The customer support agent can complete the process and have your new number active in 30 minutes or less. If after a couple of hours, you’ve not received your confirmation message, please contact the customer support department again.

Can You Choose A New Number?

Yes. You will choose your new number if you visit a Three Mobile store near you to complete the process. On the other hand, if you complete the process online or by calling the customer support department, you can’t choose your number.

What To Do After Changing Your Three Mobile Number?

After you change your number, the first thing to do is try making calls from your new number to confirm the number is active. Also, send an SMS to another number. Secondly, share the new number with everyone you want to reach out to you.

Finally, set up a new voicemail message because the old one will clear after you activate the new number. 

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