Tracfone Not Registered On Network? Quick Tips To Fix

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If you see the ‘Not Registered On Network’ error message on your phone, there is no need to panic just yet. This error message is just an indication that your phone is not connecting to the Tracfone network.

When on this mode, you can’t use your mobile network, send or receive texts, and make calls. Thankfully, you can resolve the issue by applying some of the tips in this post.

But in a nutshell, if you are getting the ‘Not Registered On Network’ error, it could be that there is a temporary network outage.

One quick method to fix this issue is to restart your phone. Continue reading to find out other reasons for this error and quick tips to fix the error.

Why Is Tracfone ‘Not Register On Network’?

The ‘Not Registered On Network’ error simply means that your device has disconnected from the Tracfone network. There are several reasons why your device can disconnect from the network.

For instance, if there is a network outage. Below is a breakdown of all the reasons for this error.

a. Tracfone Network Outage

If your device has been working fine, and suddenly disconnects from the network, it could be an indication of a network outage in your area.

To confirm if it is a network outage issue, check for another person using the Tracfone network in your location. If the person is experiencing the same, then it is an outage issue.

Another method to confirm this is to check Tracfone’s social media handles. They do update outage notifications in different locations.  

There is nothing much you can do if it is an outage or downtime issue. You just have to wait it out.

b. Device Needs Troubleshooting

The issue can also be caused by minor troubleshooting issues. For instance, your device has many apps running in the background for a long time.

c. Dislodged SIM Card

It could be that your phone fell at one point and the SIM card shifted in the SIM tray. For some smartphones, the SIM card will stick out from the SIM card port.

d. Damaged SIM Card

Another reason could be that the SIM card is damaged. For instance, if water gets into your phone and SIM card tray, it can damage the SIM card. Scratches on the SIM can also damage the SIM card.

e. Error In Network Settings

Each network provider has unique network settings. The network setting needs to be accurate for the device to connect to the network. If you change the network settings for any reason, it can affect your phone’s network connections.  

f. Outdated Device Software Version

Allowing your phone’s software to stay outdated for a long time can affect network connection too. That is why it is essential to always check for and update your phone’s software to the latest version.

Quick Tips To Fix Tracfone Not Registered On Network

a. Restart Your Phone

This is one quick tip that can fix the issue. You may not need to apply any other tip here because restarting your phone may be all you need to do. This process will fix any cache issue on your phone and get your phone to function well again.

Turn off your phone. Wait for 60 seconds. Restart your phone again and wait for it to boot. Check the signal bar on your phone to see if there are signal bars on display.

If this doesn’t work, proceed to the other tips here to fix the issue.

b. Check SIM Card/ SIM Tray

The next step is to check your SIM card for its placement and damage. Open the SIM tray on your phone and remove the SIM card.

Before you remove the SIM card, check the placement to see if the SIM card was placed in the correct position. Remove the SIM card and check for scratches and damages. Dirt and grime on the SIM can affect its functionality, so you have to check for those too.

Blow off the dust in the SIM port and tray. Clean the SIM with a clean, dry cloth. After that, replace the SIM in the correct position and turn on your device. Check the network bar for signals.

c. Swap SIM Cards

You can try the SIM card on another phone and see if it works. Another option is to use a SIM card from another network on your phone. Your phone needs to be unlocked for this to work.

If your SIM card works on another phone, it could be that your phone’s SIM port or tray is bad and needs to be fixed.

d. Update Network Settings

The next step is to check the network settings on your phone. You need to make sure that the network setting is set to that of the Tracfone network.

There are two easy ways to do this. The first method is to reboot your phone. Most smartphones automatically update the network configuration after you reboot the phone.

The second option is to reset and search for a new network setting. Follow the steps here to complete the process.

Reset Network Settings On IOS

. Tap the Settings icon.

 . Select General and further tap on Reset.

Scroll down the Reset options and select Reset Network Settings.

Enter your Passcode to complete the process.

Update Network Settings On Android

. Tap the Settings icon.

 . Select Connections and further tap on Mobile Network.

Scroll down the Network Operators options and select Search Now.

Enter your Passcode to complete the process.

e. Switch Network Mode

If your device is set to a network mode that is compatible with the network service in your location, you will have an issue connecting to the network.

For instance, if your phone is on 5G network mode, but Tracfone has just 4G networks in the location, you will have issues. The option is to switch the available network access in your location. Follow the sets below to complete the process.

Switch Network Mode On Android

. Tap the Settings icon.

 . Select Wireless Networks and further tap on Mobile Network.

Select Network Mode 

f. Update Software On Your Phone

Finally, update the software on your phone. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

. Tap the Settings icon.

 . Scroll down to About Phone and Update. The option to update will only be available if there is new software available.

Select Update and options and select Install System Software.

Allow for a few minutes for the software to download and update. Your phone will reset after the process.  

g. Contact Tracfone Customer Support

If nothing has worked so far, your last resort is to contact Tracfone customer support. You can contact the Tracfone customer support rep on 1-800-867-7183.


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