Tracfone Transfer Wizard: Guide To Transfer Files On Tracfone

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If you want to switch from one phone to another, there’s always a need to transfer your data from the old phone to the new phone. Data transfer can be time-consuming depending on the type, size, and number of files to be transferred.

Thankfully, there are options available to speed up the transfer process. One such is the Tracfone Transfer Wizard.

In a nutshell, the Tracfone Transfer Wizard allows you to transfer your details from one phone to another. The process is quite fast and saves a lot of time.

The rest of this post serves as a guide on how the Tracfone Transfer Wizard works and how to transfer your data on the platform.

What Is Tracfone Transfer Wizard?

The Tracfone Transfer Wizard is a mobile app that enables you to transfer files and data from one smartphone to another smartphone. As mentioned earlier, this transfer method is faster.

You can transfer hundreds or even thousands of files in minutes regardless of the file size. Unlike other transfer platforms that save files to the cloud before transferring to another device, the transfer wizard enables direct transfer over a wireless network.

Also, the transfer Wizard sends a copy of your files. This means that the copies of the files in the previous phone will remain until you delete the files. The best part is that it is free. You pay $0 to use the platform.

What Type Of File Can You Send With Tracfone Transfer Wizard?

The type of content or data you can transfer via the Tracfone transfer wizard depends on your device. The types of content you can transfer on Android phones differ from the ones you can transfer on iPhones. Below:

Apple (IOS) Phones

. Videos

. Contacts

. Photos/ pictures

. Contact photos

Android Phones

. Documents

. Contacts

. Contacts photos

. SMS Messages

. MMS Messages

. Music

. Videos

. Pictures/ photos

. Call logs

Note that the transfer process works from Android to Android, IOS to IOS, and Android to IOS, and vice versa.

How To Transfer Data With Tracfone Transfer Wizard?

Follow the steps below to complete a transfer process using the Tracfone Transfer Wizard app.

a. Download And Launch App

The first step is to download the app Tracfone Transfer Wizard on both phones.

For Android, visit the Play Store, search for the Transfer Wizard app, and download and launch the app. For iPhone, visit the IOS/ Apple app store, search for and download the Transfer Wizard app.

b. Connect Devices To Wireless Network

The next step is to connect both devices to a Wi-Fi wireless network. Make sure you connect devices to the same wireless network.

c . Initiate Transfer Process

Launch the Transfer Wizard app on the sending phone, and tap on From This Phone. You will see a QR Code on the screen. Then launch the Transfer Wizard app on the receiving phone. Select To This Phone.

Then hold the receiving phone over the sending phone. Hold the phones in a way that the receiving phone camera will scan the QR code on the sending phone.

You will see an option on available files to transfer on the receiving phone. Tap on all the files you want to transfer. Press the Transfer Button on the receiving phone to commence the transfer process.

Wait for some minutes for the transfer process to complete. Check the receiving phone to confirm that all your files have been transferred. You can delete the files from the sending phone after the transfer process.

Troubleshooting Tips For Tracfone Transfer Wizard Not Working

The transfer process on the Tracfone Transfer Wizard is quite easy and straight to the point. But if you are having issues with completing the process, they can try these troubleshooting tips below:

. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same wireless networks. The process won’t work if you connect the devices to different wireless networks.

. Try connecting both devices to another network if there is an issue with the initial network.

. Make sure the receiving and sending phones remain on during the transfer process.

. If the transfer wizard still won’t work, disconnect both phones from the Wi-Fi network. Close the transfer wizard app, wait for 60 seconds. Connect both phones to the network. Launch the app and try again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Transfer Apps Via Tracfone Transfer Wizard?

Unfortunately, you can’t transfer apps via the Transfer wizard. You can only transfer files like pictures, music, contacts, videos and similar files via the transfer wizard.

Do You Have To Activate Tracfone For Transfer Wizard To Work?

No. The transfer wizard can work without activating the Tracfone SIM on either of the phones. Both for seamless transfer, it is best to activate Tracfone on both phones before you start the transfer process.

How Long Does It Take For Tracfone Transfer Wizard To Complete Transfer?

It depends on the size and number of files you are transferring from one phone to the other. But basically, it takes less than three minutes to complete a transfer on the Transfer Wizard


So far, this post has explained how the Tracfone Transfer Wizard works. It also explains the type of files you can transfer on each device and provides a mini guide on the transfer process.

Have you tried using the transfer wizard? Did you find it useful? Please provide your answer in the comment section to help other readers. 

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