Get US Mobile Account Number And PIN In Minutes

Last Updated on February 16, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

You have the option to transfer (port out) your number from the US Mobile network to another network in the United States. To complete the process, you need to submit some details to the new carrier.

The details include your US Mobile account number, PIN, account name, and billing address.

In brief, to get your US Mobile account number, you have to contact the customer support department. The same applies to getting the transfer PIN too.

Continue reading to learn how to get your US Mobile account number and PIN from customer support to enable you to complete the number transfer process.

What Is a US Mobile Account Number?

This is the unique number the network assigns to your account. All US Mobile account holders have an account number. This number comes in handy when you want to pay a one-time bill or during the number transfer process.

It is worth pointing out that this number is different from your US Mobile phone number.

How To Find The US Mobile Account Number?

As mentioned in the introductory part of this post, you need to contact US Mobile customer support to get your account number. You can do that by calling the customer support number or using the online chat option on their site.

Get US Mobile Account Number Via Calling Support Number

First, you call the support number at 878-205-0088 or 611 from your US Mobile number. Follow the auto prompts and opt-in and request your account number.

You will be asked to verify your account. Check your US Mobile device for the 4-digit code. Say the code when prompted to verify your account. After that, you will receive your account number as an SMS on your phone.

Get US Mobile Account Number Via Online Chat

Below is a breakdown of how to get your account number via the online chat option:

. Visit their site’s home page.

. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Chat Icon’.

. By default, it opens the FAQ  Page. Check under the box, and click on the smaller chat Icon beside the Question Mark Icon.

. Click on ‘Start A Conversation’.

. Select ‘I am an Existing Customer’ from the options.

. Click on ‘Connect Me To An Agent’

Wait a bit for a customer agent to join the chat.

. Request to get your ‘Account Number’.

. The customer support person may try to convince you to stay by asking further questions about why you want to leave. Insist you need your account number.

. You will be asked some questions like your Phone Number.

. You will receive a code on your phone to verify your account. Type back the code in the chat.

. The customer agent will send the account number as an SMS on your device.

How To Find US Mobile Account PIN

This is the 4-digit PIN you have to enter when you want to make any major changes to your account. US Mobile does not have a unique security PIN for each account. So, most times, the default PIN that works is 1234.

If you need the PIN to port out your number to another network, it’s best to contact US Mobile customer support to verify your transfer PIN. Follow the process for the online chat above to get your PIN.

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