Guide To Fix Verizon Phone Still Locked After 60 Days Issue

Last Updated on July 27, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Verizon phones are locked to the network. That means that you can’t use the phone or device on another network until Verizon unlocks the phone.

The good thing about buying any Verizon-locked phone is that the network will automatically unlock the device after 60 days. The catch is that the device has to meet the Verizon unlock policy.

What happens when it’s past 60 days and your phone is still locked to the Verizon network?

If your Verizon phone remains locked after 60 days, it means that the device has violated one or more of Verizon’s unlock policies. The most common one is that the phone is not in good standing in the network.

This post will explain in detail why your Verizon phone is still locked after 60 days. The latter part of the post will outline some steps you can take to unlock the device.

Why Is Verizon Device Locked After 60 Days?

As mentioned, the only reason Verizon won’t automatically unlock a device locked on its network is if the device has violated any of the network’s unlocking policies. Here are some of the reasons for that:

a. Account Not Active

One of the provisions of the Verizon unlock policy stipulates that the account linked to the device must be active. The network won’t unlock a device if the account linked to the device is inactive.

The network can suspend an account due to several reasons. You, the account holder can also apply to temporarily suspend your account. If the account remains suspended after 60 days, the network won’t unlock the device.

b. Failure To Pay Monthly Bill

The network doesn’t expect you to fully pay for the device before unlocking the device. Your device will still be unlocked after 60 days even when you have not completed paid for the device.

It becomes an issue when you default on your monthly payment. It can be grounds for refusing to unlock your device.

c. The phone Listed As Stolen

Once a device is reported as stolen, the network will blacklist the device IMEI. Thus, the network won’t unlock the said device. It doesn’t matter if it’s you or someone else that reported the device as stolen.

d. Suspicion Of Fraud Linked To The Device

Similar to the above point, if there is a report to the network that the device is linked to fraud, it won’t unlock the said device. That means that the device has been used in carrying out fraudulent activity.

Tips To Fix The Issue And Unlock Verizon Phone

a. Reactivate Your Account

If your account linked to the device is suspended for whatever reason, contact support to reactivate the line. Note that you will have to pay a $20 reconnection fee to get the line active again.

b. Pay Off Outstanding Bills

 Log into your online account and check for any outstanding monthly bills. If you have defaulted on any of the bills so far, log into your Verizon account, and pay off the accrued bill.

To avoid such from happening in the future, always opt for Verizon’s Promise To Pay option if you know you won’t pay before the bill due date. It gives you additional time to pay your bill even after the due date.

c. Contact Verizon Customer Support

If you reported the phone as lost or missing before now, and you found the device, you have to contact Verizon Support to report that you’ve found the device. Contact support at 1-800-837-4966.

As mentioned, the network blacklists the IMEI of the device after you report the device as lost or stolen. You need to report the device as found to enable the network to unlock or whitelist the IMEI again. After that, the network will unlock the device.

If it’s an issue of fraud, it is best to visit any Verizon store near you in person to resolve the issue. Remember to go with Verizon’s phone and possibly a proof of ID.

Once you can sort the issue, the network will white list the device IMEI and unlock the device.

In Summary

Verizon refusing to unlock your device indicates that the device is not in good standing with the network.

So far, this post has outlined some of the possible steps you can take to fix the issue. Once you clear the issue, the network will automatically unlock the device.  

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