Visible Esim Not Working? Fix in Minutes

Last Updated on January 16, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Are you having issues with installing and activating the Visible eSIM? No need to worry. This post will serve as a troubleshooting guide to help you fix the issue and get the eSIM working on your device.

There are several reasons why the Visible eSIM isn’t working on your device. The first possible reason could be that your device is not compatible with the eSIM.

Another reason could be an error in the activating process, to which you have to uninstall the eSIM and complete the installation process again.

This post will break down all the possible reasons why your Visible E-sim isn’t working and provide a step to step troubleshooting guide to get it working in no time.

Why Is Visible E-Sim Not Working?

a. Activation In Progress

If you just completed the Visible eSIM activation process, it could be that the activation is still in progress. After activating your Visible eSIM, it takes up to 15 minutes for it to be active and ready for you.

So, if you just completed the process a little while ago, give it a little time. If after 30 minutes, the eSIM isn’t active yet, you can then start the troubleshooting process.

b. Device Not Compatible

If you are having issues completing the eSIM installation and activation process on your device, it could be that your device is not compatible. You can’t activate the eSIM on a device that is not compatible with Visible’s network.

c. The device Locked To another Network

Also, if the device is locked to another network, it can’t work on the Visible network. First, you have to make sure the device is unlocked. If it’s locked to another network, contact the carrier to unlock the device.

d. Incomplete Activation Process

Another reason could be that you didn’t follow through with the activation instructions. The eSIM activation process can be a bit complicated, especially for someone that is not tech-savvy.

e. Outdated Firmware On Device

Finally, you will have issues activating the eSIM on a device with outdated firmware. The device firmware is the software that powers major functionality on the device. You need to make sure this software is up-to-date before you start the activation process.

We will guide you through how to update the firmware on your device later in this post.

Ways To Fix Visible eSIM Not Working Issue

Now you know why your eSIM isn’t activating or working on your device, here are some troubleshooting tips to try to get it working in no time.

a. Check For Device Compatibility

When bringing your device to the Visible network, it is advisable to carry out a compatibility check first. This will help prevent situations where the device you are bringing to the network is incompatible with the eSIM technology.

To carry out a Compatibility check on Visible’s network, visit their checker page. Select your device software, which is Android or IOS. Enter your device’s IMEI and click on Continue.  

To check your device’s IMEI, dial *#06# or go to SettingsAbout PhoneIMEI Number.

b. Update Firmware On Device

Check for and install recent firmware updates on your device. The process of updating the firmware will depend on your device’s software. Here is the breakdown of the process for both Android and IOS.

Update Software On IOS Device

Connect the device to a wireless network. Go to SettingsGeneralSoftware UpdateSoftware Options> click on Download and Install> Wait for the installation process to complete and restart the device.

Update Firmware On Android

Connect the device to a Wireless network. Go to SettingsAbout PhoneUpdatesInstall System Software.

c. Confirm Visible Network Coverage In the Location

Also, it is advisable to check for the Visible Wireless network in your location. The eSIM won’t work even after activation if the network is not available in the area.

The fastest way to check for this is to use the Visible Wireless Coverage Map. Enter your Zip code, State, or Address, and click on search. You will see the Visible Wireless coverage map in your location.

d. Delete And Uninstall eSIM

Here is where the troubleshooting process starts. The first step is to delete the eSIM and uninstall the Visible app on your device. Here is a breakdown of the process:

. Connect the device to a wireless network.

. Sign in to the Visible App.

. Turn off the Visible eSIM.

. Delete The eSIM from the app.

. Uninstall the Visible App from the device.

. Restart the device.

e. Complete Installation And Activation of eSIM

If you’ve completed the activation process, all you have to do is to install the Visible App on your device. Then log into the App and turn on the eSIM, and restart your device again.

On the other hand, if you’ve not completed the activation process, you have to repeat the process. Here is a step-to-step guide on the Visible network’s site on how to activate eSIM on your device. Below is a video tutorial of the entire process.


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