Voxi SIM Activation Not Working? Fix In Minutes

Last Updated on May 18, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Voxi network is one of the top Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) in the United Kingdom. The company uses the Vodafone network and towers to offer its service to subscribers.

Once you purchase a Voxi SIM card, the next step to take is to activate the SIM. You can’t use any of the network’s services without activating the SIM card. The exception is if you opt to connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network.

If you have completed the activation process for the Voxi SIM card and the network is not working, no need to panic just yet. It is an issue that you can easily fix with a little guidance.

If your Voxi activation isn’t working, it may be that your phone is locked to another network. You can’t use a locked phone to activate the Voxi SIM card. You have to contact the network provider to unlock the phone.

Continue reading to learn other reasons your Voxi SIM card is not working and quick tips to help you fix the issue.

Why Is My Voxi SIM Activation Not Working?

a. Activation Failure

One of the reasons could be that you missed a step or two in the activation process. Thus, the activation didn’t go through. On other hand, the activation process may fail even after you follow the correct activation process.

To resolve this, you have to repeat the activation process. Continue reading to learn the step-to-step guide on how to activate your Voxi SIM.

b. Locked Phone

Any phone you are bringing to the Voxi network must be unlocked. If the phone is locked to another network, the Voxi SIM can’t be activated on the network.

c. Coverage Issue

As mentioned earlier, Voxi wireless network uses the Vodafone network and towers to offer its services.

The Vodafone network has nationwide coverage in the United Kingdom. It has 99% coverage in the UK, but there is still a 1% location without coverage. You can’t activate your Voxi SIM if there is no coverage in your location.

d. Damaged SIM Card

Finally, it could be that the SIM card is damaged. Even a brand new Voxi SIM can have defects.

If the SIM card is damaged, your option is to either return the SIM pack for replacement or order a new Voxi SIM pack.

Smart Tips To Fix Voxi SIM Activation Not Working?

a. Unlock Your Phone

Once you confirm that your phone is locked, contact the carrier to unlock the phone. You may have to meet some unlock criteria or pay some fees to get your phone unlocked. The terms for unlocking the phone will depend on the unlock policy of the carrier.

One way to know if a phone is locked is to insert an activated SIM from another carrier into the phone. If it works, it means that the phone is unlocked.

b. Check For Network Coverage

The next tip is to confirm the Voxi network coverage in your current location. One way to confirm is to use the coverage map on the Voxi site.

Open the Voxi Coverage Map Page. Enter your Town or Postcode and click on GO. You will see details of the Voxi network coverage in your location.

c. Check SIM Card For Damages

Open the SIM tray and remove the SIM. Check for scratches and damage on the SIM card especially on the side with the chip. Blow out dirt from the SIM compartment and clean the card with a clean cloth.

When replacing the SIM card, make sure you place the side with the chip to sync with the connectors on your phone. Check this tutorial on the accurate way to insert a SIM card in a smartphone.

d. Activate Voxi SIM Card

There are two methods to activate your Voxi SIM card. You can activate the SIM yourself or with help from Voxi customer support.

Activate Voxi SIM Card (Method 1)

. Connect your smartphone to a wireless network.

. Open the Voxi activation page.

. Enter the 10-digit SIM number on your SIM pack.

. Select Choose A Plan

. Enter a Username and Password for your new account.

. Select a Preferred Payment Method.

Confirm the details you entered.

. Insert The Voxi SIM card inside your phone.

. Tap on ‘activate SIM’ when you are prompted to do so.

Activate Voxi SIM Card (Method 2)

Activating the Voxi SIM card using the above method is easy and straight to the point. If you think the process is too technical for you, you can contact Voxi Customer support on their online chat page. Chat with a customer support person and request help with your SIM activation.

e. Update Phone’s Software

Sometimes, failure to update the software on a phone can affect its functionality. To fix this, check for available software, and download and update the software on your device.

Follow the steps below to complete the software update process on your phone.

. Connect your phone to a wireless network.

. Tap on the Settings icon and About Phone.

You will find an option to Update if there is a new updated version available.

. Select Update and wait for your phone to download and install the new software version. This can take a couple of minutes depending on the speed of the wireless network.

. After the update, restart your phone to complete the process.

f. Replace The SIM Pack

If none of the options works so far, that means that your SIM card is bad. Your option is to order a new Voxi SIM pack. Repeat the activation process on your new SIM pack.

g. Contact Voxi Customer Support

The last resort is to contact Voxi customer support. Voxi doesn’t have a support line. You can contact them via their official social media page or their online chat page. The support person will walk you through other steps to fix the process. 

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